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Daily Games

Daily Games

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mizuki mizuki
Articles : 74
Since : 17/11/2009

Articles to discover

Wormax Is The New IO!

"Wormax" (Gameplay video) is a browser-based massive multiplayer game that has your character controlling a multi-segmented worm creature. The play field is laden with colored balls that serve as food; consume enough food and your worm avatar grows in size. The main goal of is to make it to the top of the score leaderboard and to see how

Madalin Stunt Cars 2

Madalin Stunt Cars 2 is the second installment of the popular stunt racecar game. This second version adds on new features to the original model to ensure for fun around every corner. New tracks, new cars and new stunts await every user. Let's take a deeper look into the tracks, the cars and the additional features this second installment provides. How To Play!

If you enjoy playing the classic snake game, then you're going to love the game. In, your main goal is to grow. Growing can take some practice, so don't give up easily. I always rush to heavily populated areas, so I can get as many of those brightly colored particles as I can. The more you eat, the longer you become. I especia

Ultimate Quiz: Can you take it up with the brain-teasing questions in this mobile game?

The Ultimate Quiz game is made by and can be played on SilverGames. The game is a trivia type game where the player is shown pictures of various items in different categories and given four choices to guess the correct one. While you are guessing you are being timed. The faster you give the correct answer the more stars you earn. Stars are

Fly with Rope - A COOL TABLET GAME

Fly with Rope is a fun mobile & tablet game. You play as a stick figure swinging from building to building with ropes. Very reminiscent of Spiderman. While very simple to play (all you have to do is click where you'd like his rope to go, and you'll swing from there), it's nevertheless addicting. I enjoy the sound effects. It opens with a catchy lit

Smilodon Rampage: Get in rage and kill humans

It starts off with a saber tooth tiger frozen inside of a block of ice. The control buttons are random.The control button D makes you walk. The control button W makes you jump.The control button A makes you walk in the opposite direction. The space bar lets you swipe at people. The control button S let's you crouch. You collect points for destroyin

Pixel Warfare 5 - A Minecraft Shooter!

Pixel Warfare 5 is the latest iteration of a first-person multiplayer shooter based on the unique graphic style of Minecraft. The graphics in the game are exactly what you would expect. They are blocky with large pixelated textures. The game really does not capture all of the elegance of the original graphics style. Some of the weapons and pieces o

WTF is Narwhaleio? A Review!

Free-to-play mobile games are becoming more interesting the more that are discovered by the player community. Narwhaleio, a relatively new experience in the same vain as, allows the player to control their very own colorful Narwhale in a sea of competition. Like similar games, the entire point is to take out your opponents and become the

The Higher Lower Game Review

The Higher Lower Game is a simple, yet deceptively addictive, game that challenges players to guess whether a word or phrase has higher or lower average monthly Google searches than another word or phrase. The results can be surprising, making it a challenge to get a high scoring streak. The Higher Lower Game can be played on desktop or smartphone.

Missing the farm life? Play New Farmer 2!!

Want to come back to the farm? Want to get back into the peaceful life of livestock, crops, and hard work? Come on down! Presenting New Farmer 2, an online game for girls who want to try their hand at raising animals, vegetables, plants, and flowers. Dreaming of farming is one thing, actually doing it is quite another. They will discover once again