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Cordless Drill Battery Blogs

Cordless Drill Battery Blogs

Drill Battery Articles improves resurrecting/recharging drill battery, the sources help anyone out there know this secret method of fixing a drill battery that won't charge.
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Since : 14/01/2011

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Ridgid Vs. Porter-Cable Cordless Drills

Cordless drills are convenient and powerful enough to perform well for most typical drilling needs. The power of a cordless drill is measured by Makita cordless drill battery voltage. Drills with high voltage ratings have more torque for drilling through tougher materials. Cordless drills are equipped with a battery charger, and some are equipped w

How to Dispose of NiCAD Power Tool Batteries

With the large number of portable devices we use every day, it is no wonder that we have a lot of batteries to recycle. Using rechargeable ones, such as nickel cadmium (NiCad) Panasonic power tool batteries, cuts down on some of the waste. Unfortunately, even rechargeable ones eventually stop working and need proper disposal. Since nickel cadmium i

Repairing 18 Volt Power Drill Batteries

Cordless 18-volt drills come with a rechargeable battery pack. The battery pack is made up of several rechargeable nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) battery cells. After long periods of repetitive recharging, these battery cells will either hold a weak charge or will not hold a charge at all. In either case, it is possible to replace individual or entire

Will Battery Desulfator Recover or Extend the Life of Lead Acid Batteries

Simple question, complicated answer. I will try to answer as succinctly as possible. Sulphate crystal build up has been known about since the Lead Acid battery was first invented, and this build up leads to over 70% of premature failure of lead acid batteries. However all power tool batteries wear out over time and no device can stop that happening

What You need Know Before Buying Cordless Power Tool

There's no better way to say "Merry Christmas, dear friend" than with a double-bevel compound miter saw or a heavy-duty 18V impact driver. But before you pick up a cordless tool for that special someone, keep these five things in mind. Don't buy a Lamborghini if you don't drive fast. Cordless tools used to be heavy, unwieldy behemoths sporting fat

Instructions for Using a Rotary Power Tools

Rotary tools can be used for many tasks, from cutting holes in wood or plaster to delicate grinding and sanding jobs. Pet owners even use Panasonic power tool battery to grind down their dog's nails with precision. Accessories are available for blade sharpening, drilling, shaping and polishing metal, as well as for many other jobs, making rotary to

What Are Parabolic Cordless Drill Bits

Drill bits are an integral feature of drilling tools. Drills may be powered by hand, electricity, or compressed air, but in all instances, their primary function is to create holes in building materials. Certain drill bits are for use in masonry, others for wood, still others for drilling holes through metal. Drill bits come in many designs: twist

The Guide of Buying LED Strip Lights

If you search for RGB LED strips you'll see there are a TON of options. Luckily there's a very specific thing you want; just search for 5050 RGB 5M 300. Here's a breakdown of the individual parts:5050 - This is the type of LED. This is a standard part, it's big and bright but still runs cool. It's common to see 3528's in LED strips, avoid these, th

The Differences Between Dyson Vacuums

Dyson is renowned for its bagless, cyclonic technology vacuum cleaners. It produces different types of vacuum cleaners, including handheld, canister and upright. The major differences between the vacuums, however, are their features. All new Dyson canister and upright vacuum cleaners come with a five-year warranty on workmanship and Dyson DC31 batt

Things That Can Be Done With Old Tool Batteries

A battery is an electrochemical device that converts chemical energy to electrical energy, which provides power to electronic devices. Approximately 3 billion batteries are sold annually in the United States; the average family purchases 32 cordless drill batteries every year. Individuals dispose of about eight household batteries per year. Because