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Cordless Drill Battery Blogs

Cordless Drill Battery Blogs

Drill Battery Articles improves resurrecting/recharging drill battery, the sources help anyone out there know this secret method of fixing a drill battery that won't charge.
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Since : 14/01/2011

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The Dyson Animal Vacuum Is Great For Those That Have Pets At Home

It seems to me that people have more pets these days. Perhaps it is just where I live, but many times I feel that I'm the only one that does not have a furry friend. Don't get me wrong animals are great, but you also have to clean up after them and sometimes I have a hard time picking up after myself. When you have a pet their hair seems to get eve

The Ways Cordless Power Tools Are About To Get Even Better

Today's professional-grade cordless power tools rival traditional corded models in almost every category. Thanks to the new crop of lithium-ion batteries and brushless motors, cordless tools now offer similar torque and speed in a package that keeps getting lighter and better, all while providing longer runtime on a single battery charge and the co

Australia Power Tool Batteries Market Intelligence Report for Comprehensive Information

The Power Tool Batteries report is a meticulous exploration of the Power Tool Batteries market and gives insights such as considerable approaches, scope, historical data, and statistical data of the worldwide market. It also encompasses projected statistics that are evaluated with the support of a suitable set of methodologies and postulations. The

How to Clean a Blockage in a Dyson Ball Vacuum

The Dyson Ball vacuum is an upright vacuum cleaner batteries that sits on a ball instead of a traditional vacuum head with rollers. The Ball vacuum has a washable HEPA filter, large clear bin, cyclone suction, 24-inch cord and a set of tools. While the vacuum should operate and clean well with regular maintenance and care, blockages may occur from

Storing Your Cordless Drill Battery

Like any battery the life of it can be maintained if the battery is stored in a dry environment. I have seen many batteries left in cold damp garages or workshops, and not looked at for weeks, maybe even months. That is not a good thing to do at all. If possible store your Black & Decker power tool batteries in a cool dry place. If you got a bag or

How to Bring Dead Ni-Cad Batteries Back to Life

Are you tired of having your Ni-Cad batteries that refused to charge and simply die? So what do you do with them when they die? Just throw them in the trash - which harms the environment? Or just take them to a recycling facility for them to be recycled? Well, here is the best solution, bring your dead batteries back to life that can save you a chu

Can your power tool battery be overcharged

Most power tool today use lithium Ion (Li-ion) Dyson Vacuum batteries. Overcharging Li-ion batteries is not a problem and does not affect the battery life span. These batteries can be charged 300 to 500 times, and they have an internal circuit to stop the charging process at full charge. The control system prevents overcharging, which can cause the

How to Use a Cord and Cordless Drill

Drills come in a few different styles. The most common we see are cord and cordless. Cord drills have a power cable and need to be plugged into a electrical source. Cordless uses a battery. If the Black & Decker power tool battery is discharged, place it into the chargers charging receptacle. For a cordless drill, insert the charged battery (most w

Makerspace Power Tool Batteries Upgrade: NiMh to Lithium Iron

Did you / your makerspace inherit 12v cordless drills with a dead / unhappy NiMh battery packs? Need more juice and an incredibly high number of charge cycles? Want to safely upgrade to the land of LITHIUM IRON PHOSPHATE GLORIOUSNESS? This is the instructable for you! Step 1: We Have the Technology For this project, the replacement battery module i

How to Rebuild a Tool Battery Pack

The 18-volt rechargeable battery pack is the choice for many cordless power tools. Battery packs are a major cause of tool failure. A rechargeable drill battery pack is only capable of a few hundred charge cycles before it becomes trash. Corrosion, moisture, and temperature extremes shorten a battery's life even more. The typical 18-volt battery pa