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Dr S Ranganathan, Director, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., Chennai


drsranganathan's name

drsranganathan's name

Dr S Ranganathan, Director, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., Chennai
drsranganathan drsranganathan
Articles : 767
Since : 26/04/2011

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When I happen...a HR message

Every species adapt or adjust or show some level of flexibility or compromise to survive. The fear of loosing life if it fails to exhibit the above traits only makes different species of animals and plants either to adapts, adjust, compromise or be flexible. The question is when one adapts due to a strong trigger or cause then it is supposed to ove

Unwise with can be happy

Always imagination wins over reality. Fantasy surpasses the real. The reason is simple. People are fed up with the ‘truth & real’ and are always looks for fantasy, unreal and unproven things. Often they live in the world of imagination. Whenever something is proven then it becomes real and true. Once something become true and real, nothing more

Understand Jacana leaders, a HR message

‘Spoilsport people’ in corporate world are well known. Jealous, anger, greed, sadistic pleasure and revenge are the common reasons why people play spoilsport and would snatch the success or spoil the effort to success/achievement. In most occasions, those who play spoilsport are generally people with negative attitude and temperament. They gain

Message of Ramayana to congress and tukede tukede gangs in Indian politics

With the beginning of Kali Yuga, it was largely believed that divine avtar of Lord Vishnu would come to an end and the human being have to suffer, endure multivarious pains and must finally die in Kali Yuga. But the divine drama will not leave humanity to just suffer indefinitely and remain hopeless. Certainly the Lord would come back again to the

Fear of lion and fear of deer...a HR message

Should we conclude the leadership approach and style of people in corporate based on different behavioural indicators and signs what they display or we should go to the underlying reasons for such displays or manifestations of the behaviours? This question has been already answered by nature. Look at the two scenarios carefully. In jungle, all the

Animals or man, the most sad...a HR message

Why the life of most people in corporate is often filled with lot of stress, problems and is in a state of uncertainty? In fact most corporate would provide paraphernalia and all comforts that the employees need to perform. If we look at the life of different species of animals in the jungle, the problems of all animals in jungle are real. However

You are successful..but you do not know why and how...a HR message

Ones inability, inefficiency, lack of understanding, weakness/susceptibility, getting fooled easily by others may not be really linked with ones intelligence. As true as the above fact, so true is, all our enemies exist only because of some of our above defects. Look at nature. All the herbivorous animals thrive well only because of abundant green

Quick poison and HR message

The poison of most of the poisonous animals spread fast in the body system of its victim or prey. Certainly, the poison has to spread fast and only then the predator can have its prey otherwise the prey might escape from the scene. It also has another reason. Only when the poison spread fast, the poisonous animal can have its defense from its threa

From Cheetah and deer...a HR message

It is generally told that success is an outcome of sustained, consistent, relentless effort. Therefore one must be consistent and not very jugglery. The question is how true is the above approach? According to biology and nature, such approach need not always assure success and instead such consistent effort might risk life. Cheetah is one of the f

Will salary make your employees to perform?

Luxury and fallacy of corporate are meant for people to perform or to enjoy, take rest and perish? This question is very pertinent to modern corporate. Most people feel proud and take arrogance in working big corporate than focusing of what career growth ladder they could see, whether they draw good salary and perks etc., are or not. The question i