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'I write not to impress but to express' Heard these lines somewhere...felt they were apt for me.


my vision

Totally my own compositions and a way to express myself
Deepawal Deepawal
Articles : 52
Since : 14/02/2009
Category : Literature, Comics & Poetry

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मैंने देखा है

ख़ुशी के मेलों को एक धमाके की गूँज में मातम में बदलते देखा है। दर्द से चिल्लाते लोगों की आवाज़ में गलियों में बहाये खून में इंसानियत को ड

बुरा मत मानो होली है

बिक चुकी है राजनीति इस देश कीआज, पर बुरा मत मानो होली है. खेतों का मसिहां पेड़ पे लटका मिले, पर बुरा मत मानो होली है. धर्म के नाम पर मरते है


Amidst the past, lie our memories, carved over the years, one by one, but to shatter, it took merely a moment. 'Forever' that we wrote, across the letters, throughout our journey, comes to an end, a bit too early.

ज़रा रुक तोह जाओ,ज़रा लौट तोह आओ.

कुछ बातें अनकही रह गयी, ज़रा रुक तोह जाओ, कुछ यादें और पिरोनी है, ज़रा लौट तोह आओ. कुछ मुलाकातें और कर ले, ज़रा रुक तोह जाओ. थोड़ा प्यार और बाँट

The journey into a B-school

Amidst the hustle bustle, the hectic day, and a tiring night, from one class to the other, from sessions to lectures, I lost track, track of the time, the date and the day, the calender had moved, the clock had ticked. They said it was a routine, the college didnt sleep, and neither did I, always on my toes, I tried to match pace, with the young le

My mind and you

Walking down a street, Filled with people, Loud music and chit chat, I try to cross, But my feet won’t move. More I try, Harder I fail, Coz they won’t move, No matter what I do. Breathing hard, I look around, To find some space, Or one familiar face. I know am sweating, I know it’s beating, Pounding in my chest, It scares me more. The legs ar

zone of silence

she stood up, eyes into her phone, and walked away. no idea of him, who sat at a distance, eyes glued to her. in a room, full of people, both were strangers. the noise didn't deter, coz in his zone, it was all silence. the friends talked, and they laughed, but he didn't care. a few seconds later, she was gone, out of his sight. but, for him to see

It was wrong- they said

indeed it was wrong, my fault or yours, as if it matters, because it was wrong. you forced me, or did I force, but who cares, as it was all wrong. it was wrong, to them, looking at us, from a distance. And to us, it felt all right, it felt being high, and felt ecstatic. was it love or just lust, i don't know, and i don't care. why? because wrong it

एक पत्ते की कहानी

पेड़ की उस टहनी से, बंधे ज़िन्दगी भर से, हर मौसम सहते हुए, इक पत्ते की कहानी सुनिए हरा भरा था, खुशियों का नगमा था, आँखों को भाहता, एक सुन्दर प


looking at the sun, they moved along, shining brightly, they added to the charm. mesmerizing all, that stood and stared, adding beauty,and joy, not to the garden, but to the life. pause for a while, behold the sight, because forever, it may not last.