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My name is Mike and i make trainer for pc games.




I make PC game trainers and thats it!
Mike Mike
Articles : 5
Since : 28/05/2015

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Thatlingon.blogspot down, This site only temporary

To those wondering what happend to my old blog which i hade up for years without any idiot interfearing, well lets just say the greedy companies decided they werent greedy enough they hade to get to the little people aswell and ruin things. As mentioned my other blog hade been up for many years and i dont agree with how they think they can just do

Temporary Trainer Backup Section - LinGon

http:// Since blogger for unjustefied reasons decided not to host my blog anymore this blog will serve as a temporary blog only untill the new trainer site which might or might not come very soon will be up, will see what happens! For now most old trainers from the old c