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Creative mind

Creative mind

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my-writing's name

Well basically, it's me writing about a load of random stuff. Makes good for entertainment!!
Creative mind Creative mind
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Well it looks like i'm saying Adios to my job. We've just lost a big customer and so sales are down... which means people gotta go. Unfortunately it looks like i'll be one of them! Student loan doesn't come in until 20th September either... Why, world, why?! I was upset, what with the whole 'what do i do now?' but i've gotten used to the idea. It m

Batman Dark Knight Rises

I saw this last night. Well. Just well... It was fricking awesome!!! ***SPOILERS*** I just got so excited. It was really well done and the actors were brill. Bale did look like an actual tramp at the beginning but he pulled himself together and became a better batman! :D I can't believe he got rid of Alfred! I totally forgot about the girl who'd di

50 shades

*SPOILERS* I read this a few weeks ago, i saw a few posts about it and decided to get it on my kindle. It was alright, quite raunchy but after the first 'scene'- we'll call it that- it kind of gets repetitive. For me it's very unrealistic, although books mainly are! If a guy told me to sign a contract before we got together i'd tell him where to go
Magic Mike

Magic Mike

I went to see this on Saturday with my friend Linzi. It was THE best, worst film ever!! I mean what's better than Channing Tatum taking off his clothes. Not the story line anyway... It was a weird film, kind of no point to it. And the ending. My Lord, what the hell was that?! *SPOILERS* It had Alex Pettyfer in it, he played 'The Kid'. Sort of the p

Colour B4

There seems to be a lot of people checking out Colour B4 on the net. It's hard to know if using it will be good or bad though, it all depends on the colour of your hair and how many times it's been dyed. My experience with it was pretty bad. I suppose though, it did what is said on the tin; it will remove colour build-up but may leave hair ginger.

Terms and Conditions

So i just read the terms and conditions again. No talking 'badly' about other people or companies, no advertising and no copyrighted stuff. As well of a bunch of other things, but those three were the main ones that got me thinking. Pretty sure i vented on here about one of my friends turning nasty pasty on me! And about a company i bought gig tick

The Amazing Spider-man

Lame name. It really is. However, OMG!! It was actually amazing!! I love the new cast, Andrew Garfield? And Emma Stone- i love Emma as an actress- were just ace. One comment though, Peter Parker's supposed to be a total loser, but Andrew seems 'too cool' to be a total loser. Doesn't matter though, because he played the part brilliantly. And i'm gla

VD season 3 on DVD!

It's finally available. Pre-order mind. It's not released until the end of August. Rest assured i will be getting it though! i've pre-ordered it from Amazon. I think that was the cheapest place i saw it at. Can you believe on ebay the blueray was going for 70 pounds!? Madness! I mean, i'm a huge fan, but i would not spend that much on a flippin' DV


So i'm going away in less than a week. I really do need to sort myself out some Euros! I'm gonna do that today. head on over to the bank and get myself 300 quid's worth. That should be enough? I hope so, i really have spent too much already. What with having short notice on the holiday and having not been buying holiday clothes a little at a time s


I've just literally finished playing the DLC for Skyrim. Now Dawnguard's done, what the hell do i do? i'm continuing playing of course, there's seems to be absolutely loads that i haven't done! I've only just completed a quest called 'ill met by moonlight'; the Hircine quest. That's a quest from Skyrim before Dawnguard. That's a Daedric Prince ques