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im ginger and i love to write




its a blog for everyone
loulousblog loulousblog
Articles : 5
Since : 25/04/2011
Category : Movies, TV & Videos

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Do you ever feel like a plastic bag

I am sure that you all have heard about the song firework by kate perry. If so you might remember the line do you ever feel like a plastic bag. Well on average every person sometime in there life does feel like a plastic bag. Earlier on today i was asking my best friends what they would feel like if they were a plastic bag and they said that they w

life what is it really about

Everyone has diffrent opinions on life, some think that in order to have a productive day you must be constantly on the go working from dust to dawn. Where as others have a more simpler out look on life and think that even being alive everyday is an accomplishment enough, but most belive that it is the quality of life is more imortant than the quan

A wondering mind

Have you ever wondered why the world is round.Because i have can any one remeber way back in the day. Or maybe not so way back when your sitting in a history class. Not really paying attention then the teacher startes to go on and on about the world. Then he or she starts talking about its shape you dont really think much of it .U ntil 2 or 3 days

ones story is a story to tell

If ones story is a story to tell. Then why has it never been told. The truth is know one knows what the truth may lie. Or give but what ever happened in the past is forgiven and forgoten. There are many milestones in a persons life a persons life is never boring they just think it is at the time because they havent seen the best of themselves. So m

Ones truthfull mind

If you ask someone a question for instense are you well how do you know that they are telling the truth. On average no one really does say whats on there mind when someone askes them a question there are many resons why they may keep secrets from you like . Its irrevant Its personal Its private It doesent consern you Or they just dont want you to k