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Career Coach

I'm a successful career coach. I am so happy to be able to help many people in succeeding the kind of job they love.
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Top 10 Funny Fat Guys In Entertainment

There's a long tradition of great 'fat guy' comedians. In fact, often times the big men of comedy are some of the funniest and most popular comics of their time. The best skills of these comedians have varied. Whether it was stand up, sketch, or movie comedy, though, these guys have combined to<a href='

'Country first': James Woods doesn't 'expect to work again' after criticizing Obama!/RealJamesWoods/status/387769349530222592 Actor James Woods is a shining light of conservatism in an industry that demands lockstep liberal allegiance ... or else. Spirited, fearless and brutally honest, Woods refuses to compromise his principles or strap on a Hollyweird<a href='

Want to Terrorize the Neighborhood Kids This Year? Try One of These Pumpkins.

With Halloween coming up, it's time to start thinking about how you're going to deck out your pumpkin. You could go the traditional route and slice out some triangular features and a toothy, grinning mouth. Or maybe you could make something spookier? Even if you opt for one of those fancy<a href='

'The Rent Is Too Damn High' Guy Thinks Uber's 'Rates Are Too Damn High' (Video)

If you're one of those people who factors taxi rides into your monthly budget, you've likely kept a close eye on the alternative services that have begun to pop up over the past few years. Depending on where you are, there are a number of apps at your disposal, and the competition's rising. It's<a href='

This Artist Paints With Fire, and Even More Than Awesome as It Sounds.

Sure, playing with fire is bad. You hear mothers advising against it all of the time. But when was the last time you cautioned about making art with fire? Steve Spazuk is a Canadian artist who does just that (and he's probably not a pyromaniac). Spazuk's work immediately stands out because of<a href='

25 War Heroes You Probably Never Heard Of

There's a lot of factors and a lot of sacrifice that goes into the makes of a War Hero. War heroes, like Paul Revere, are well known. However, there are also war heroes that a lot of people have never heard of. Unheralded as they maybe, they are worthy of commendation for very few people are<a href='

4 High-End Careers (NO DEGREE REQUIRED)

What are high paying careers that don't require a degree? I got a useless degree, what are good jobs that I can get? Getting a good job without a degree. 6-figure jobs without a degree & telecommuting jobs. How I Become A Digital Nomad in 2 Months Via Digital Marketing: Go to<a href='

Madden 16 Connected Careers | The Creation Of 7 Foot, 99 Speed QB!

Follow Me On Twitter, Twitch, Instagram, & Facebook! Twitter: Instagram: Follow My TWITCH! Facebook: Information about the game & series- This Madden NFL 16 career mode & ultimate team series was inspired by chris smoove and his Madden NFL 16 career mode & ultimate team e. I started watching<a href='

Twitter Is Trolling America's Newest Soccer Star

The #AskLamps hashtag goes terribly wrong. Frank Lampard is one of the most decorated players in English soccer history. He's Chelsea's all time leading goalscorer, a two-time Premier League player of the year, and a runner up for the 2005 FIFA player of the year award. And like many a<a href='

Father First: CEO Quits After Daughter Presents Him With List of 22 Milestones He Missed

Mohamed El-Erian was one of the most prominent men in finance, until he suddenly and inexplicably retired from his position as CEO and co-CIO of PIMCO in May of 2013. In an essay the 56-year-old recently penned, he revealed the catalyst was his young daughter. The mogul was having trouble with<a href='