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About plastic packaging,OEM and others

About plastic packaging,OEM and others

On the machinery industry and the packaging industry, and to tell you the importance of environmental protection.
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Plastic Packaging Overview

Plastic packaging along with the progress of science has spread to people in all areas of daily life. With the plastic packaging on the market a wide range of applications, the recycling of plastic packaging gradually people's attention. This will be mainly to protect the security functions of plastic packaging, cold and heat resistance function, s

The design for mass custom fabrication means

Design for mass custom fabrication: the use of concurrent engineering processes of governance and consider the scope of product family design, in order to effectively meet customer needs. This approach aims at the early stages of product design, considering the overall design concept, taking into account the economies of scope and volume economics;

Polymer materials for packaging

A variety of packaged goods produced film, sheet, bags, containers and other materials used in the polymer. With the proportion of small, high strength, good gas tightness, long life, easy processing and printing and other advantages, its applications become increasingly widespread. The early 1980s, the total consumption of plastics in packaging in

Mass custom fabrication(custom manufacturing) design support environment

PLM systems to support product design and R & D system, designed to achieve mass custom fabrication can also play a crucial role. In order to better adapt to the requirements of mass custom manufacturing, PLM systems need to have the following functions: 1. Digital product model Product family design products for the digital model can also reflect

Value-added technology for cosmetic packaging design

Cosmetics packaging must protect the product, landscaping products, display products, enhance the value of such multiple roles. Cosmetic packaging design packaging often demanding, requiring as much as possible the use of new materials, special decorations and wonderful appearance of the shape, cosmetic packaging to highlight the originality and vi

Cosmetic packaging plastic hose with a reasonable choice

In the cosmetics packaging industry, product quality is second life. According to the characteristics and distribution of cosmetics and other factors, to choose the right plastic hose as packaging, cosmetics, make the contrast in quality packaging even more attractive. 1. Health and Safety Cosmetics direct contact with the body, which made its pack

China cosmetic packaging trends

Cosmetics packaging needs of both protective, functional and decorative, the Trinity is the future direction of development of cosmetics packaging. 1. Fresh install of the cosmetics market will occupy a considerable As the manufacturers to meet customer demand, the production of preservative-free products. Manufacturers filling them in small contai

The main application of water treatment equipment

Water treatment equipment works Any substance has its own inherent frequency, scale are inorganic salts, generally the enclosure are made of metal materials, metal materials, scale and different oscillation frequency. SLGP electronic water treatment device attached to the release of high-frequency oscillation for the scale on the metal surface reso

Pace of development of plastic flexible packaging

As the plastic film material, the development of composite membrane materials, as well as weighing and packaging equipment, automation technology advances in medical packaging and cosmetics packaging, plastic flexible packaging will become a major medical packaging and cosmetics packaging. In recent years the rapid development of flexible packaging