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Since : 14/04/2010

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Are trampoline dangerous?

Are trampolines dangerous, these are questions I get asked every day. It is the one of the hardest questions to really answer as a salesman. Anything can be hazardous there are of course different levels of how some things can be dangerous. Riding a bike is dangerous, but we all know the inherent dangers involved there from falling over, hitting a

Best way to maintain trampoline

Ok now what you have spent $1500 on your new trampoline and the kids are happy and jumping on it the first few week, you are starting to notice that leaves are starting to fall on from a nearby tree, and there are some local birds that made the net enclosure a new meeting place. Mildew is starting to pile up on your trampoline. What is the best way

In trampoline instructions are much important and everyone has to follow

Every Monday morning as I sit at my desk and 8.30 rolls around the on slot of phones calls begin “I have spent the last 3 hours trying to put this thing together I get close and it falls over like a house of cards” “we have tried our best to get this thing together and it must be defective “ so I ask them to send me some pictures to see if

step to purchase right trampoline

In recent time trampoline is an excellent medium of enjoyments for the entire family. Trampoline is an activity everyone can enjoy and participate, regardless of their age. Moreover, a trampoline is a good form of physical exercise. In global market there are a various types of trampoline available. It is avail in different size and shapes. People

Do care of your Trampolines just like your precious thing.

If you do your research and purchase the right trampoline from the right trampoline manufacturer, your trampoline can last for over 10 years. However, for the trampoline to last, you also have to take proper care of the trampoline. Trampolines can cost lots of money, so you have to treat it as if you are taking care of your car. If your frame is fu

Controll your kids overweight with Trampoline

In today’s High Tech world the simple things that we once took as common place are slowly slipping a way. What are our kids turning in to when I was growing up one in 35 kids were overweight in to today’s high tech world. One in seven are considered over weight and one in 20 are considered obese. As I watch msn I ask myself why do these parents

Searching for a quality trampolines

After owning several inexpensive trampolines I decided I really should find out what the difference is between the inexpensive and quality trampolines. I got out my cup of coffee kicked off my shoes and started the endless search through cyberspace, the first thing I noticed is how so many look the same and have different weight rating’s how coul

Trampoline-Kids will love it

The holidays are right around the corner and if you are like me and most other people in this world we tend to procrastinate. We all know that last minute shopping can be hectic and drive us crazy. I was at a Nordstrom’s and they had a line from outside the door waiting to buy they’re holiday gift. After last year we thought of a great idea of

Happy Trampoline Review

When purchasing a trampoline online you there are several factors you must put into consideration. That’s if you’re like me and always want to buy the best for your family, which I am assuming you are. Our family has owned several trampolines throughout the years and still to this day the family loves it and spends countless hours on it. Trampo

How to Buy best trampoline online

Finding the right company to buy online could be a big headache especially if you’ve never tested the item or even seen it. All you see is a website, some pictures, and perhaps a video on their site. If that’s the case, why not just go to a local sporting goods or a Walmart or Costco and just purchase one. These local stores are even cheaper th