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Clive Pearson S.W.H.R

Clive Pearson S.W.H.R

Join me in looking at some of the best, and some of the worst books and films to hit the street. Check out books you may never of heard of from the past and films that you may have missed. Browse Comment but most of all Enjoy.


clivepearsonswhr's name

clivepearsonswhr's name

A Place to air my views , not always to be taken seriously , no particular topic just generalisations
Clive Pearson S.W.H.R Clive Pearson S.W.H.R
Articles : 19
Since : 05/11/2011
Category : Lifestyle

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Christmas Fraud Warning From Birmingham CID HOAX

If you should see this email in your inbox requesting that you forward it, don't it is a hoax email that has been vcirculating non stop for a number of years . According to the Crimestoppers report this business was closed down in 2008, and the claims of a £315 bill were highly egagerated . in fact they charged at £1.50 a minute still a con at th

S O P A could they see beyond their nose?

I see there is a now a fear and dread that this bill that originates from the USA, is about to devastate the Internet. Is this the case I ask myself, yes it will make it difficult to download Pirate material but not impossible. Yes it will have the USA poking it's nose in worldwide to other peoples business, that would be nothing really new there t

Education Minister Leads Witch Hunt

Some will say that the headline I have started with is a bit severe, or maybe in the wrong context. But maybe they don't realise the full implication of the new rules, maybe it will be easier now to dispose of poorly performing teachers, but what will stop it being used for administrative bullying also, the scope of this plan is too wide. It leaves

Latest Page from My Book on ABC Tales

The seas were boiling in places as the result of volcanic eruptions on the Oceans bed , the deepest of which was the Mariana trench spewing molton rock into the sea at an enormous rate filling the fissure that had been the tench. The mountains shook with the ferocity of the techtonic plate movement across the Globe, Hurricanes blew and wripped thro

The Stephen Lawrence Verdict

Eighteen years after the event finally the murderers of Stephen Lawrence have been given Prison sentences, however I for one think they got off lightly. Not only have they had time to live the best years of their lives, a privilege they never gave Stephen. But in a mere 15 years they will be free to inflict harm to some other unsuspecting person wh
The Phantom of the Opera will be unveiled at the Theatre Royal Plymouth in February 2012

The Phantom of the Opera will be unveiled at the Theatre Royal Plymouth in February 2012

John Owen-Jones Katie Hall A Cameron Mackintosh & The Really Useful Theatre Company production Cameron Mackintosh’s spectacular new production of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s phenomenal musical success The Phantom of the Opera will be unveiled at the Theatre Royal Plymouth in February 2012 ahead of a national tour. The production will star John Owen-J

Latest Page of For You We Come

from the ABC set For You We Come Vash turned and walked back onto the bridge of the Diana " We failed Adam a large part of Irnash Is still heading for your planet. Hopefully the gravity of any planets it will pass on the way, may alter it's course but we believe they will not. We think it will impact the region you call Australia, we have slowed it

For You We Come Sci Fi Book

Some of you may recall that I was writing a science fiction book ( I wont be as presumptious to call it a novel ? ) that due to copyright I had to take off here before it was completed. However for those interested you can see it on ( ) just cut and paste into address bar . I hope you

My Latest Ebay Review

You can see many of the various Media Projectors here on E Bay going from as little as 99p upwards, let me tell you they are a good deal if they only want bulbs. However if there is more wrong with them then you need to think about what your buying, if you can get two of the same type you think I can make one out of two, good idea except that if it

Merry Christmas One and All and A Happy New Year

That time of year again it seems to come round so fast each time maybe it is because I am getting older who knows, but I do so love Chrimbo, with all the Turkey, Mince pies, Christmas Puddings, yum yum ! the only thing I don't like about Christmas is what It does to my waistline each year. Each year I promise myself that I won't have that extra pie