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Eternal Service


Ladder to Consciousness

Ladder to Consciousness

This is work inspired by The Grail Teachings of Abd-ru-shin.
Jacob-Iyah Jacob-Iyah
Articles : 11
Since : 21/06/2010

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Solving 'Dark Matter' what is to be considered

Let us here agree that the 'big bang' was a happening which was closer to the beginning of materialisation of immaterial substantiality. The scientist has failed to acknowledge however that the big bang process would drive from a starting point downwards. Meaning in all clearness that the pressure exerted downwards manifests a gravity. It is this p

The Virtues

The Virtues begin and stream from the Primordial Spiritual Beings which radiate these virtues further down through Creation. On each sphere belong a different species which receive and give off these virtues by release of radiation. On Mount Olympus of the Animistic Realm stand the Animistic Leading Servants of the Light. Known to the ancient Greek

No Timer's

No Timer's Many, many are they that have 'no time' for the present time we're all united in on earth, they long took themselves away on fantasies that lured and nurtured the needs of their intellects. The many that is one could be found and nourished as a collective because their growth was solely in this collective. What exists outside, an enigma,

Capacity of the Brain

Finding Space Finding a new space can be difficult. Applying yourself to a new form of work can be an ardous task when the content necessary has itself elsewhere. Space time and places have gradations. To fully experience that of a particular place you must live in that space. Spacial Capacity of the Brain The abiltiy of the capacity of the brain c

The Attire Of Colour 

The Attire Of Colour Bright or dim. The colour that is you depends on you. How are you seen? Here where you stand in Creation, how are you counted for? Judged? It is by your colour or colours that you are recognised. Tbc..