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Eternal Service


Ladder to Consciousness

Ladder to Consciousness

This is work inspired by The Grail Teachings of Abd-ru-shin.
Jacob-Iyah Jacob-Iyah
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Since : 21/06/2010

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Brain Cells Dying?

Many people of the present time are suffering from inactive or better said denatured brain cells. Illnesses such as dementia, alzheimers and parkinsons are growing at an alarming rate with the root of cause veiled as a mystery to mankind. Everywhere on earth people are pursuing courses which they wish will grant them material success failing to que

The Virtues

The Virtues begin and stream from the Primordial Spiritual Beings which radiate these virtues further down through Creation. On each sphere belong a different species which receive and give off these virtues by release of radiation. On Mount Olympus of the Animistic Realm stand the Animistic Leading Servants of the Light. Known to the ancient Greek

The Smoker

The Smoker. Selfishness lives in the hearts of smokers. No regard for the healthiness, the harmony in Creation. Leading their own private rebellion against the Will of Life. Their damaged nerves, their wrongly cultivated feelings must be surpressed or stimulated artificially at the cost of damaging the natural healthiness that beats through the Wor

Solving 'Dark Matter' what is to be considered

Let us here agree that the 'big bang' was a happening which was closer to the beginning of materialisation of immaterial substantiality. The scientist has failed to acknowledge however that the big bang process would drive from a starting point downwards. Meaning in all clearness that the pressure exerted downwards manifests a gravity. It is this p

Introduction to Colours

In the higher spheres colour and tone are inseparable only here far below do we have separation between tone and colour. FAITH KNOWLEDGE BALANCE LOVE VOLITION DRIVE ADVENTURE MUSICAL NOTES: B A G F E D C Violet = Governs Faith, Intuition, Wisdom Indigo = Governs Knowledge, Feelings, Learnedness Blue = Governs Balance, Harmony, Reason Green = Govern


Everywhere we go everywhere we look we see depraved caricatures of women. Dressed in a way which insults true womanhood, with movement that buries all grace and voices that blaspheme against the Creator and His tremendous Work. Females, positioned in places and jobs of high yet wrong order. Slack drones of the female sex populate the nations, build