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Bedroom Fitness Guru

Bedroom Fitness Guru

Yea you heard it right! You can get fit in your very own bedroom with a Guru for FREE! I do this because I'm sick and tired of people getting a gym membership and never use it!


Further Fitness Bootcamp

Further Fitness Bootcamp

If you want something to get done, leave it to an expert and they will do it for you in an expert way!
Bedroom Fitness Guru Bedroom Fitness Guru
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Since : 09/08/2011

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Blue Print On How To Drop 7 Pounds in 7 Days!

Hey =) Hope you are doing great! Before I start, I would like to thanks those of you who sent me your lovely emails letting me know you are progressing in your mind games (Self appreciation & killing your fears) . Today's post is a little bit different to my previous ones and i want to tell you how to Drop 7 Pounds in just 7 days, so thats one poun

You Are Fabulous!

Hey There again! ;) Hope you are ok and are in the process of killing your F.E.A.R! If you haven't read how to kill your F.E.A.R, you can read it here. As i was going through a pile of undone work yesterday, i found something which made me so happy! By happy i mean very happy! What i found was an instant reminder of when i was training to be a Pers

Change The way your legs look in just 14 days for FREE!

Hi Everyone! I hope you are having a great summer! Lets keep it short this time! I know you guys want to have nicely defined thighs with no fat around it! Is that right?! Well since we are Body Transformation Experts, we have created a short but effective program for you to do and change the way your lower body looks in just 14 days! We have many s
Alcohol & Fat Loss

Alcohol & Fat Loss

Alcohol & Fat Loss Read The bottom of this e-mail first ;) I just knew that you were going to open this one out of all the emails , This time a year we can’t avoid the Holiday parties and it’s evil twin “Alcohol”. If you know me, you know that I am a big advocate of a balanced lifestyle. I preach moderation NOT restriction. So without furth

3 Easy Steps to Kill your FEAR!

Hey Hope you are all doing well and have had a ton of fun in the past week! I've been tied up with so much work that i didn't get out of my office for like 6 days! (No i didn't sleep there!) This post has nothing to do with fitness and i want to talk about something that grabbed my attention a few days a go... 4 days a go, i was walking down the st

Have you ever experienced this?

Hey Guys! I hope you are ok. Yesterday i was chatting to a client who was NOT overweight and she only had 9% Body Fat which is normal for ladies. However, she had a big belly and she though she is FAT. I went through a body check and a postural analysis and i found out that she is neither FAT or OVERWEIGHT. So why did she look big and out of shape?