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Becky Trafford

Becky Trafford

Me, mmmmm, it is difficult to explain me, and if i cant explain me who can? I am a good laugh, and i like to share my thoughts, just to know what you think as well. xx
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A few Accounting Modules Have Inspired Me To Write Up A Few Things, Everything Else Is Me Moaning! :)
Becky Trafford Becky Trafford
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Since : 06/04/2009
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Secret Diary Of A Call Girl Is Back!!!

Secret Diary Of A Call Girl Is Back!!!

This is Series 3 and Wow Is It Good. Belle is back and she is so good, some great client stories and I am loing the new way of seeing Belles life after yet still in the whore business. It is on ITV Player if you want to catch up link here, but address below if the link doesn't work Anyon

Uni Exams and Assignments!!!

It annoys me so much that every single module has the same dealines and basically the same exam dates. My study goes from no deadlines to 6 just like that! Why do the departments not communicate more and spread out the deadlines rather than all my assignments and tests be in the space of a few days. A uni student is really not made to work like thi

Uni Professors 2

So this is my second installment off my complaints about my uni. I have now come back to uni after my reading week, to find out every teacher apart from 1 has announced they are leaving. This is so annoying as at my university we have year long modules so now all my module content and structure will be changed by the time I g back to uni after my c

Earnings Per Share (EPS) 2nd Edition

Continuation from Earnings Per Share Share Splits When market value of a share becaomes high, can decide to increase the number of shares held by each shareholder by changing the nominal value of each share The effect is to reduce the market price per share but for each shareholder to hold the same total value A share split would be treated in the
Earnings Per Share (EPS)

Earnings Per Share (EPS)

Why is the EPS important? It is used for the widely used ratio PE Ratio. PE Ratio = Share Price/EPS by combining it with a forecast of companies earnings analysts can describe whether the shares are over or under valued. What factors affect the PE Ratio? The PE ratio reflects investors confidence and hopes about the international performance of the
Capital Structure Approaches

Capital Structure Approaches

© Pearson Education Limited 2004, Fundamentals of Financial Management, 12/e CopyRight Johannes Nordh Copy Right Johannes Nordh

Financial Reporting - evolution of international standards.

National differences maximising profitabiltity is not always German's biggest pirority they feel that have a reponsibilty to society and the enviroment. how do national diffwerences effect finanical reporting? french owners are often the managers, this is different in the UK there is a big separation from ownership and managerment. therefore in fra

Management Accounting - Divisional Performance Evaluation

Divisional Performance Evaluation ROI or ROCE (Return on Ivestment or Return on Capital Employed) Residual Income Budget v Actual Cash Recovery Rate NFI's (Non Financial Indicators) Value Added ROI or ROCE ROI = ∏ / Κ (Profit / Capital) Earnings before interest payments & tax / Assets (EBIT / Assets) Need to Be Consistent with the formula you us

X Factor Winner - - So Boring!

So Joe just won X Factor 2009, anyone think the public should off kept JedWard in?? Would off been amazing to see what the record deal was and how Simon would off reacted!! oh well, that dream was taken away from me weeks ago. But for Joe to win tonight was not only predictable but so boring. Yeah the boy can sing, but thats it, he has no sex appea
Killer Whale Trainer Death

Killer Whale Trainer Death

Is it just me, or is anyone else thinking why exactly is this such a surprise??? I mean personnaly if I was gonna work with killer whales I would have the thought in the back of my mind I bet this thing could kill me. Considering it is called a KILLER WHALE, and it is trapped in a swimming pool. Maybe the trainer decided to stick there foot in its