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Starting Here

Starting Here

I chose "humor" as a category but I must warn you that I use this term very loosely.. just so nobody's disappointed. Basically it's just going to be the inner-workings of my teenaged brain.. which may well not be funny at all.
startinghere startinghere
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Since : 15/04/2011
Category : Humor & Comedy

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Last night I watched the Inbetweeners movie. It was bloody hilarious and has, in my humble opinion, set the bar for the standard of clubbers everywhere in terms of dancing. It was deep, thought-provoking and its characters included a feisty fat girl - what more could a person want in a film-type-experience? 'Nothing, Nothing!' I hear you cry ..but


yo yo yo homedawgs. I hope everyone is feeling as decidedly chipper as I on this fine sunny morning? (or whenever you're reading this). As of 2 days ago I am now in my easter holidays, and let me tell you this, those 2 days have uncovered some disturbing qualities that I have never before seen in myself. To explain this, we need to go back, back th


Happy april fools day everybody. It is my understanding that after 12pm it is considered bad luck to do the 'pinch punch first of the month' thing, but I tend to do it anyway just to prove the point that I'm G and that as such I don't follow no rules. Brap. So don't think you're safe after 12. I'll get ya. So. Yesterday my father very thoughtfully


My laptop has gone to computer hospital :( Which is actually fairly inconsiderate of it because I have two huge horrible essays to write and the last thing I need is my laptop having a mental breakdown with all of the stuff I need for said essays on it. Computers - SO unreliable. All I ever did was love that little blue machine and this is the than


WHY DO BOYS TAKE SO LONG TO GET READY!? I mean, yes, when I'm getting ready to go out out I take a very long time, you can have that, that I will give to you. But I swear to you, this morning I woke up at 10.30. I got up at 11. I was ready but 11.45. That isn't even that quick. That is a NORMAL amount of time for getting ready. My boy-thing on the


Hello folks. Today I have three things to complain about: The hairdressers, postmen not understanding that I am adorable and my own abominable driving. Yesterday, I went to the hairdressers. Usually, I love going to the hairdressers. I love getting my hair washed, having my head massaged and raising my eyebrows at the hairdresser in the mirror whil


Hello sweedlings. It's been a while, has it not? (it has. I'm telling you this). It seems to me that I am becoming more clumsy these days. More so than I was before. Which is saying a lot. Because I was a very clumsy person to begin with (anyone who's seen me in the kitchen vicinity will understand this). But in the past couple of days alone, I hav


For the last week (the week of the queen's jubilee as I was absolutely not allowed to forget) I have been in Mallorca with my immediate family, my mum's sister and her family. Her children (my cousins - for those of you who haven't grasped the tricky system of family...) are 2, 7 and one in between (about 5 maybe?). They are sometimes cute but some


So, it's now summer (not that anyone has told the sun) and most people are back from university/ breaking up from school, which is nice because it means I'm not sitting at home on my own waving my 'yay it's the summer holidays' flag on my own while everyone else is still partying/examming it up at university. I don't actually have a flag by the way


Hello chums. As of a week ago I have finished my first year of university... strange. Very strange. I honestly still don't feel like I'm old enough to even BE at uni, let alone be a second year! Then I start thinking, wow, so this year's gone ridiculously fast, two more of those and I may be done with education and beginning actual adult life! And