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I like knives, jigsaw, the joker, spoons and the numbers 67 and 42. I want to help you.
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I am bored and I want to play a game. Post comments about topics you want me to talk about, or questions for advice Oh, and you don't need to give me your personal information it still sends the comment.
thecrazys thecrazys
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Metal: the Genre of Genres

I Suppose because I have it as one of my tags and many of my pictures, I should talk a little about my musical experience. The first heavy metal song I heard was called Forsaken, by the group Disturbed. If you have listened to this song, you will know that compared to my now favourite bands such as Born of Osiris or Fleshgod Apocalypse, this song m

What Is Happening?

I'm reeling again. Jack once again broke our and is living. My pain is overwhelming. I just want to rest. I am so tired. Of course, it is for a girl who doesn't even know my name. I will take anything I can get to change, though, and this opportunity presented itself. I hope I don't regret this. I just need a break. I'm afraid if I get one I won't


I realize why i hate school so much. it is boring. this gives way to my insanity. insanity causes me to play games with people. I hate people who are so encompassed by school. i wish i would be just as plugged in sometimes, but feel lucky for my perspective. i feel the need to kill people more now, to send my messages loudly enough for people to he


I ran across a quiz on facebook which was interesting to my mental state. each option was some random conglomeration of the reality of my mind. I find people fascinating. i think it is interesting that this person created the quiz as a "joke" and actually had some interesting insights. I test people to understand them, and give them a little piece

Me again.

I was abused. I figured out why I am so messed up. I think i will go cry now.


I finally managed to convince her to go out with me. I accepted advice from others, tried to be extra syrupy, and managed to drag it out over almost a whole week. I am so excited. Unfortunately, she failed her game. She was going to learn to value herself. but she couldn't handle it. she preferred to stay in the anti-life stance she always has. I m


Life is pointless. I think I have experienced enough now. Goodbye everyone.


DID, stands fro dissociative identity disorder. previously it was known as multiple personality disorder. I have discovered a few more people inside my head and i am not entirely sure what to make of it. First, there is my normal self. I call him jigsaw because of their similarities, also the joker name was already taken by my not-so-imaginary-frie


I have started a new game with Sarah's friend Tegan. it is starting to get sticky. see, originally i was going to condition her to my insanity like i did to Rachel. i don't know what i really want here. i am torn because my emo friends are all being bitches and excluding me. the only reason i am still hanging out with them is because of David. i do
What Now?

What Now?

I lost the girl I was in love with. I lost my religeon. I lost my cat. I lost my family. I lost my friends. I lost my possessions. I lost my meaningless physical relationship. I lost my best friend and roommate. I lost all truth about myself. I lost anyone who cares about me. What is there left? Suicide looks really great right now. I have started