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Happy with life!


Tales of my soul

Tales of my soul

Reflections of the faith I live.
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Since : 04/01/2011
Category : Religions & Beliefs

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I love because I'm loved

Oh, how I'd tried to love You Lord In deed, in word, in praise, But all had failed to satisfy Until You'd changed my ways You'd told me I must drop it all My efforts won't suffice Then face Your love, with an empty soul That's stripped of all disguise With love, that cannot be described By any words of men You'd filled my soul, erased my fears Each
Twilight et moi.

Twilight et moi.

J’aime cette histoire. Elle contient tant d’émotions : l’amour en face de la mort et malgré la mort ; le désir d’être bon et de faire le bien, tout en se sachant inévitablement condamné à l’enfer ; le renoncement de soi, de sa nature-même, pour pouvoir rester près de la personne qu’on aime… Tout cela a du sens pour moi. Pourq

Hallelujah (from Shrek) adaptation

I’ve heard there was a secret chord That David played and it pleased you Lord You don’t mind if I copy a bit do you? It might have been the fourth, the fifth The minor fall then the major lift A heart in love composed the Hallelujah Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah For my needy heart you are the proof How can I doubt your love so

A dream fulfilled

You are my dream I knew not of That have come true and saved my heart You are the deepest longing's call So strong, we cannot be apart I fear no more to loose You, Love So intertwined we had become Your life is mine, mine life is Yours No longer two, forever one I take each breath with pleasure sweet Now that I know Life face to face You make each

The matter of possession

I say: Can one possess the Truth, without marring it? You say: I’m free for all to have, who will accept the gift. I say: I did, I do, and still my heart remains a human one I am not always proud, for things I’ve thought or done I dare not say the Truth is mine, for lo I falter still. You say: What matters most, is that you long to do My will.

To have and to hold

My free fall, My Love, You turn into flight No weakness of mine can resist Your might My soul thirsts for You beyond loosing control You are Heaven itself, mine to have and to hold Your presence burns up all other desires But I shed no tears, looking back at those fires Being under Your wings is more than enough For I only live in the flames of You


After a fire caused by our landlord's carelessness all 6 of us were left in a house with 2 usable bedrooms, but no heat this February. Due to the cold wave that hit France this year, the situation was tough. I was sure that at some moment I will loose it and freak out. I surely would have, but Jesus was as close as ever and still is. I woke up this

Christmas prayer

I burn for you my Jesus As a candle on a tree And may the sparkles of my heart Light someone's way to Thee I will light the torch of prayer That will burn the whole year long That no storm, nor rain will put out May it make some weak soul strong I burn for you my Jesus As a fire in the hearth Please help me, to find a way to fill This cold world wi
My personal Twilight.

My personal Twilight.

I love the story. Such intense emotions: love in a face of death and even through it, desire to be good and do good even though it seems you are damned by default, forgetting yourself – your very nature – for the chance to be with the one you love. All this is very real to me. Care to know why? I guess, it's because, I saw myself in this story

Christmas present?

What present can you give Me, love? I came to Earth for you. I hold your heart within My hands What else you hope to do? No great achievement ever will So satisfy My heart As joy that fills you, when you know We'll never be apart As brilliant smile on your face Because you've found your peace As seeing you, loving to love What can compare with thes