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Effect of Zapping Nickel-cadmium

Remote control (RC) enthusiasts are experimenting with all imaginable methods to maximize battery performance. A racecar motor draws 30A for about four minutes delivered by a 7.2V battery. This amounts to over 200W of power, a large amount from a small battery. An experimental technique that seems to enhance power is zapping the cells with a very h
Global Battery Markets

Global Battery Markets

The battery market is expanding, and the global revenue in 2009 was a whopping $47.5 billion.* With the growing demand for portable electronics and the desire to connect and work outside the confines of four walls, experts predict that this figure will reach $74 billion in 2015. These numbers are speculative and include batteries for the electric p

Lithium Batteries Advantages & Disadvantages

Lithium batteries are disposable batteries that are used for a variety of small items such as toys, cameras, clocks, flashlights, and portable music systems. Some hybrid cars also use a form of lithium battery. Lithium batteries consist mainly of a non-aqueous electrolyte that is made primarily of sulfur dioxide and, to a lesser extent, acetonitril

Charge a Laptop Battery Outside the Computer

Hp Laptop batteries have become smaller and more powerful, but they still don't supply enough power for long projects--particularly if you are doing processor-intensive work. Whether you are traveling on a long plane trip or are just paranoid about power outages, it is always good to know you will be able to finish what you are working on. Charging
Will Secondary Batteries replace Primaries?

Will Secondary Batteries replace Primaries?

Consumer market put aside, the largest users of primary (non-rechargeable) batteries are the military, specialty emergency services and forest fire fighters. High energy density, long storage and operational readiness are among their strong attributes. No charging and priming is required before use. Logistic is simple and battery power can be made
Serial and Parallel Battery Configurations

Serial and Parallel Battery Configurations

Battery packs achieve the desired operating voltage by connecting several cells in series, with each cell adding to the total terminal voltage. Parallel connection attains higher capacity for increased current handling, as each cell adds to the total current handling. Some packs may have a combination of serial and parallel connections. Laptop batt

Something About Non-correctable Battery Problems

Some rechargeable batteries can be restored through external means, such as applying a full discharge. There are, however, many defects that cannot be corrected. These include high internal resistance, elevated self-discharge, electrical short, dry-out, plate corrosion and general chemical breakdown. The performance loss of a battery occurs natural

Notebook emphasis on mobility, laptop battery is one of the key

Why battery standby time more shorter than manufacturers claim All along, many consumers often complain that their laptop battery standby time is always shorter than the manufacturers claims. For this question, the laptop users must realize that. The original Dell 75UYF Battery Dell Inspiron 1720 battery dell Latitude C640 battery notebook manufact

Comparing the Battery with other Power Sources

Energy storage Batteries store energy well and for a considerable length of time. Primary batteries (non-rechargeable) hold more energy than secondary (rechargeable), and the self-discharge is lower. Alkaline cells are good for 10 years with minimal losses. Lead-, nickel- and lithium-based batteries need periodic recharges to compensate for lost po
Four Renegades of Battery Failure

Four Renegades of Battery Failure

Declining Capacity Energy storage in a battery can conceptually be divided into three imaginary segments of the available energy,the empty zonethat can be refilled, and the unusable part(rock content). Figure 1 illustrates these three sections. Figure 1: Aging battery Batteries begin fading from the day they are manufactured.A new battery should de