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Olivier Levant

Olivier Levant

I am passionate about Japan and more particularly about investing in Japan. From 2006 to 2008 I managed a Large Cap Japanese Equity Fund at Groupama AM. I invest in stocks based on a GARP strategy and a mix of top-down and bottom-up approaches


O.Levant  -  My 30 Japanese Stocks Portfolio

O.Levant - My 30 Japanese Stocks Portfolio

Thenikkei225investor is for anyone who wants to invest in the Japanese stock market. The blog provides stock as well as market analysis.
Olivier Levant Olivier Levant
Articles : 98
Since : 06/01/2009

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What to expect from the stock market in 2010.

The strong performance of the market since March ’09 has pushed many institutional investors to step back into stocks. Now that we are back to pre-Lehman market levels, investors seem divided about what the market next move will be. I believe there are two possible outcomes for the year. As you will see even the brightest and smartest investors d

Toyota Motors is in big trouble

If you are reading this article I assume it is because most of you are already familiar with the recent news about Toyota Motors. It could end up being very detrimental to the company and the consequences could be disastrous in term of market share in Europe, China and the United States. Let’s recall what happened. Recently there has been a few c

Changes in my portfolio allocation

It has been a while since I last updated my portfolio. My view of the market was bear since July and I never felt any confidence in increasing beta to my portfolio. Looking back it was a mistake but at the same time I was convinced the world was not going to recover that quickly from the recession. I am still in that position and I believe a long a

Asahi Glass’ earning announcement

Asahi Glass just released its Q3 earning results yesterday. It is always difficult to judge if the performance was strong because Japanese companies do not give guidance for Q1 and Q3. However what the company has announced an upward revision to FY12/09 full year guidance, which implies Q4 sales of JPY328bn. The new Q4 sales expectations are not th

Marubeni is well diversified in China

Recently I read a research paper from Macquarie and I was surprised to read that Marubeni was well diversified in China. I always saw Marubeni as commodity play and as you will see later on, it is more than that. Nonetheless, Marubeni’s stock price is still correlated with commodity prices (iron-ore, steel, gold …). Marubeni’s presence in Chi

Governments’ policies still drive markets

Governments’ policies still drive markets. For investors who still believe the market is back to normal, think again!! Over the past few days there have been important rumors about policy changes in China and The United States. What resulted was the biggest weekly drop on the stock markets. So, ok markets dropped almost 3% in a week, but can we l

Avatar and its impact now and in the future

I hope most of you, readers, saw the new Cameron’s movie Avatar. It is a master piece of innovation and it is no wonder revenue are going thru the roof. Now why do I tell you that on this financial blog? Simply, it puts 3-D technology at the front scene. Japan is full of well known companies that are competing to bring about the new TV of the fut

Lending regulation changes in Japan?

Mr. Kenji Tamura announced today a new regulation for consumer finance companies might be voted. The deadline to the 2006 regulation is a few months away. The voted regulation is very restrictive on companies like Aiful and Promise, which seems to come at a bad time when japan like many other countries are trying to revive the lending activities es

Sony (6758 JP) conference at the Consumer Electronic Show

Sony (6758 JP) had a conference a few days ago at the Consumer Electronics Show. At first glance I would say there are very few new features. Mostly there are upgrades of the existing line-up of products. The most important news is the expansion of the Playstation Network offering with a commitment to have 2700 movies and 16000 TV episodes availabl

Market Strategy: Deflation deepens in Japan

Japan is heading back to the 1990’s when deflation stopped government to come up with enough tools to boost the Nippon economy. In October the headline CPI fell 2,5% yoy and the underlying deflation (excluding food and energy) is comparable to the 2001 levels a period of real crisis in Japan. The perspective are for the moment positive since econ