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Hey, my name is Raquelle & I created this blog to publish some of my writing I have made. Everything I post is 100% original and the writing is usually school work. My dream is to go to Ryerson University's journalism program, and some of the requirements are to publish 6 pieces of original work, and that is what I am trying to accomplish :)
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Since : 14/10/2010

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Macbeth as Victim - Grade 11 English

Power in Macbeth – A Social Issues Response Macbeth as Victim By: Raquelle Collins I think that the author’s statement in “Macbeth as Victim” is very valid. He makes his argument clear and provides all the evidence to prove his argument. The author also seems to understand the reason why people believe Macbeth is a victim and uses that to h

Hills Like White Elephants Analysis - Grade 12 English

Hills like White Elephants Analysis By: Raquelle Collins 12F While Ernest Hemmingway’s 1927 Hills Like White Elephants seems to be about a young adult couple discussing an issue that both of them face; it is also perhaps about a deeper issue. The young woman is deciding whether or not to pursue an abortion. The young man she is with seems to want

The Matrix VS. Chun Tzu Theories - Philosophy Gr. 12

The Matrix VS. Chun Tzu Theories By: Raquelle Collins The differences between The Matrix and Chun Tzu’s theories is that, in The Matrix, Neo, the main character, felt something all his life that he could not describe and he also had dreams but didn’t understand them. He never knew what it was. He just always felt like he was looking for somethi

Starbucks Case Study - Grade 12 Buisness Managment

Starbucks Case Study By: Raquelle Collins, Cynthia Li & Dayna Bras 1) What is the competitive advantage of Starbucks Coffee? Do they have a sustainable competitive advantage? Why or why not? A: The competitive advantage of Starbucks Coffee is that they value each other, their products and their customers. When you step into a Starbucks; it feels li

Buisness In The News Assignment - Grade 12 Buisness Managment

Nobel Prize Given For Test Tube Research By: Karl Ritter Published: October 4th 2010 By: Raquelle Collins 12F This article is about a man named Robert Edwards. He is recieving a Nobel Prize in medicine because his work has led to the first test tube baby, which has helped create 4 million babies, it is truely a breakthrough in human reprouduction.