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Kasuku kikoy

Kasuku kikoy

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Kasuku Kikoy

Kikoys were traditionally worn by Swahili sailors on the East African coast.
Kasuku kikoy Kasuku kikoy
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Since : 12/08/2015
Category : Lifestyle

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Enjoy Beach Party Wearing a Gorgeous Sarong In Style!

Any coast is the most ideal vacation spot for the vacationers regardless of their age. The natural beauty and wonderful light wind of the beach or the sea-coast is able sufficient of traveling even ones inappropriate mood in the way of a totally refreshed and joyful mood. Numerous people like to have grand party on beach when they are on vacation.

Wear That Suits Your Personality!

Summer brings the new ideas of clothing in the market. With the inception of this season pool parties and lots of evening parties take place and you need to search for the best dress that you can wear for those parties. Sarong is something that you can wear in those parties. It is basically a piece of cloth that can be worn as either an upper body


We all love to visit beaches and spending some hours at the beach with friends is something that we all did at some point of our lives. Now it is important to know that when you are enjoying the sun rays, the sun is also doing its work and that is tanning you and affecting your skin. So you need to seek help from someone that can help you in gettin


So if you are invited to a pool party recently and you are confused so as to what you can wear, you can go for sarongs. Sarong is a single cloth piece that you can wrap around your body and can go to any place like beaches, pools and pool parties. People that have problems wearing two pieces can go for this option. This is classy, wonderful, comfy


Do you love to spend time at beach while on vacation? If yes then you must know the benefits of having a large beach towel with you. You should pack your luggage in advance so that no must-have item would be missed out to pack. When you are heading for your favorite beach vacation you must pack sun-block lotion, hat, sunglasses, towels, swimsuits a

Beach Towels To Give You Comfort And Ease Of Enjoying

People always love to enjoy and always looking for some pleasure that can give you happiness and comfort as well. So, whenever you are thinking to purchase towels but for the beach purpose you need to think and prepare for something exotic. You can opt for the cotton kikoy beach towels and have something exotic for the trip. They are usually wide a

Choose The Sarong Wisely To Wear During Summer!

In those countries where summer is one of the most important seasons people get confused what to wear in the evening pool parties. Pool parties are very much common in such countries where summer is the main season. Sometimes people cannot carry two piece bikinis. For them, something in cotton will do. Sarongs are very popular for those people who

Get The Best Designer Towel For Your Beach Time With Friends!

Beach time is the most happening time on weekends. Spending time with your loved ones or with your friends will be awesome if the place is a beach. You can read a book of your choice; you can play games with your friends there. You need to search for something that you should take along with you to the beach. You can choose the best towels availabl

Dissimilarities Between Bath Towel And Beach Towel

If you are heading for a beach vacation then do not forget to pack best quality cotton beach towels as it is the must-have accessory when you are on beach. You can use it when you want to catnap on the beach, or just wrap it on your swimsuit casually when you are roaming on the beach. Click Here to know more about this blog

Choose Always Best Quality Beach Towel And Enjoy!

Size of the beach towel matters a lot. If you are plus size, then a standard sized beach towel won’t be ideal for you. You need to choose large beach towels. It’s always better to but a large beach towel so that you can use it by doubling up as beach bedding. Click Here to more about this blog.