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Window Tinting Tips

Everything new about auto and home window film installations and window tinting tools.
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Since : 06/09/2015
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Car Window Tinting Lint-free Super Prep Towel

Super Prep Towel is a great high quality paper towel for window film installations. These towels are very absorbent and practically lint free, making your cleaning and tinting jobs faster and easier. It is not only durable and tough enough to reuse, but also soft enough to clean up windows. You can also use these Super Prep Towels for covering hard
Heavy-duty Heat Gun Holder Stand for Auto Wrapping and Tinting

Heavy-duty Heat Gun Holder Stand for Auto Wrapping and Tinting

Heavy-duty Heat Gun Holder Stand for Auto Wrapping and Tinting, you can find more about it here: The tool stand is a hands free solution for using Heat Gun. The heavy-duty heat gun holder stand consists of two round heat-res

Window Tinting for Night Safety

Tinting car windows in your home can make the house safer at night since it gives you greater privacy. The primary advantage it offers is your family avoids unwelcome attention from people on the street who might look in your windows. All-Purpose Tint Many people apply tint film to their windows to reflect the sun -- thus reducing energy bills in t

How to remove window tint using Ammonia (the bag method)

he bag method as it’s known, uses a bin bag, ammonia and heat from the sun to melt the glue and allow you to remove window film from your car. Ammonia should be used carefully, and you should use a face mask when applying it inside the car. You’ll also need a sunny day for this method to be effective, so consider another method for window tint

New Tinting Tools Are Accepted In Tinting Jobs

Security is enhanced further with a staff ID identifier, so customers will not have to worry about shopping from our online shop. All workers are also accustomed to handling various cars, and have been specially trained with defensive tinting skills by industry professionals. Once you have any problem of chosing

How to defog car windows fast

Have you ever driven down the road on a rainy day with fogged car windows and wonder, " how do I defog my car widows fast ". Then you look at other cars next to you at a stop light, and their windows are crystal clear. What are you doing wrong? How can you fix it fast? The most common mistake people make when their car windows are fogged is, they h

The Most Affordable Tinting Jobs

Called as a first time customer for an appointment and was given one within an hour. Three hours later I'm on my way home with one of the best and most affordable tinting jobs with paint protection film installation tools I have ever purchased. They have a customer for life with me now. Highly recommend.I have been meaning to write this review for

Dry shrinking – How to heat shrink car window tint

There are various methods of heat shrinking car window tint, this article describes the dry shrinking method. Heat shrinking takes place on the outside of the window with the clear release liner of the film facing towards you and the factory edges at the top and bottom of the window. Window tint (pre cut allows you to skip chunks of the method belo

How to calculate the VLT of window tint once applied

Car window tinting films are measured in visible light transmission (VLT) levels, which is measured as percentage. So when you see a window tint being referred to as a percentage, this is the VLT, e.g. our 20% dark smoke film has a VLT of 20%. So what does the percentage actually mean? In simple terms, the VLT is the percentage of light that the fi

How to remove car window tint using a heat gun

Similar to the steaming method, you can use a heat gun or hair dryer to melt the glue of the window tint and remove it from your car. Heat gun or powerful hair dryer Scrub pad (soft so it does not scratch your window) Washing up liquid or adhesive remover Apply the heat gun at a distance of about 5cm to an area at the corner of the tint (on the ins