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Rohit Rohit
Articles : 59
Since : 18/10/2015
Category : Not for profit, Charities & Causes

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Life is a tale of confusions simple yet so complicated. We feel its gonna be so easy. But its a tale of confusions. We believe to 1 thing and the other time we realise that's its not the truth. Once we believe onto 1 thing, we start flying into cloud of utmost happiness, and the other time, we lament for the thingz we don't get. The only way to win over life , is to


Asan nahi hai Zindagi... Safar abhi Baki hai... Bohot koshishen krle Maine... Firbhi shyad... Kuch kasar abhi Baki hai... Har raah p chal Jane ki aj Maine thani hai.. Bujh na ska Josh ab bhi .. Seenee mein aag abhi Baki hai... Asan nahi Zindagi... Safar abhi Baki hai...bohot koshish krli Maine.. Firbhi shyad kasar abhi Baki hai...

Mainu firse tujhse Pyar hoya

Tujhko dekha to ek ehsas hoya... Mainu ek bar firse tujhse Pyar hoya... Teri ankhon m fir Mai aj khoya.. Tujhse juda hone k dar s Mai roya... AJ mainu firse tujhse pyaar Hoya.. Teri bahon m wahi sukhun tha.. There Pyar m aj bhi Wai junun tha ... Mai firse tujhko dekh k khoya.. Mainu firse tujhse Pyar hoya.. There chehre k Noor m wo khwab dekha... M
Life is a tale of confusions...

Life is a tale of confusions...

Life is a tale of confusions... Its makes you king...hits to ground for no reason... Life is a tale of confusions... What seemed perfect at 1 time is no more beautiful... every second wasted seemed a treason. Life is a tale of confusions. Today I decided to fly in the sky...but i flunk back to ground, I am still in search of some reasons... My life

life...its a mistry

Life...its a mistry series of events,its combination of future and history... Not sure whats about to come.. Its a bucket of sadness and a series of fun.. future has the answers of the questions undone.. But till then life needs to be lived with with happiness and sadness keeping them both as one... Let not the ppl around take away your peace... Be

2 minute ki hai jaise zindagi

2 minute ki hai kaise zindagi, Thori ankahe kuch unsuni.. 2 minute ki jaise zindagi... Pyar bhi hai , Thora takarar bhi sahi... 2 minute ki hai jaise zindagi... Kuch log milte hai...bichar bhi jate hai... Wo jate jate bhi yadein de he jate hai... Mil sake na ho usse bhul jao ji.. Har kisi ko nai milti jar khushi... 2 minute ki hai ye jaise zindagi.



Jab bhi uth k dekhun mai subah,khyal ata hai mujhe tera..,jbtk soch na lun hota mera savera..,mai ye chahta hun ki sath rhe tu mere..,ho bahon me teri raat...ho wai mer savere..,jeevan mein kuch nya naihai..,sath rhe tera...rahen teri bahonka savera..,teri khushboo hai har jagah...tu hai mere jeene ki wajah..,tujhse he banten maine dil
दोस्ती को निभाएंगे हम

दोस्ती को निभाएंगे हम

दोस्ती की है तो निभाएंगे हम, साथ तेरा मरते दम तक निभाएंगे हम, गर ज़रूरत लगे मेरी तो बस याद कर लेना, रूह बनके भी दोस्ती अपनी निभाएंगे हम।
Life wants to move but its still...

Life wants to move but its still...

Life wants to move but its still...My heart wants to colours but seems none to fill..I kept my heart silent...I kept mind mind cool...i stopped thinking much about this world...i felt great...the world which ones held so much importance seemed fool...I decided my aim...i replanned my game..The enemies have grown...the cosy place from where m thrown