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Prachi Gor

Prachi Gor

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Credit and Finance Tips

Credit and Finance Tips

One stop solution for credit score, banking, loan and finance tips.
Prachi Gor Prachi Gor
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How To remove Your Name From The Loan Defaulters List

Credit is an important part of life today. You cannot enjoy financial freedom unless you have a liberty to raise loan twice or thrice your annual income at any point in life. Sometimes you get time to plan for loans while at other times loans are grave necessity. A good credit history plays a vital role in determining your credit worthiness. Howeve

Understanding the Basics of CIBIL Report

Your CIBIL report (also referred to as CIR report) is a file that contains the information about your credit history. It contains the details of the current and previous loans that have been taken by you, bank account number, account type, list of enquiries made by banks or lenders, credit limit provided to you, etc. it also contains your basic per

Does PayPal Count Towards Your Credit Score

PayPal is a popular online payment service used by millions to send and receive money through the internet. Founded in 1998, the company now has 179 million active accounts in 203 markets. Its services enable people to make online financial transactions by transferring money electronically between individuals and businesses. On account of its vast

3 Steps To Resolve CIBIL Disputes

An error in a credit information report (CIR) can be fatal for your credit score and stumble down credit worthiness to the bottom. A fall in credit worthiness means your loan application is likely to be rejected. So, you need to ensure that information on all the 5 sections in the credit report such as personal information, contact information, emp

Can I fix my credit woes in a month

A good credit score does not come easily. It takes years to build an excellent score and minutes to bring it all crashing down. Your credit score, which reflects your credit health numerically, determines your ability to get approval for loans, and a poor score can keep you from obtaining credit. Most banks and other financial institutions are only

What Kind of Life Insurance Do You Need?

Life insurance is a significant shield of insurance cover that you need to secure for your family. It basically tries to cover up for your family the loss of “life” or “value creation” in your absence. In case of death, or terminal/critical illness of a working person, the policy claim comes as a significant monetary reprise to normalize th

Are Credit Card Online Payments Safe?

Credit cards offer great convenience to their users and they are often a preferred choice for transacting online too. As more and more shopping and transactions happen online there is a growing concern for using them online safely. Credit card companies and online shopping portals do put in the requisite safety mechanism in place to prevent any kin

Can cibil score be affected due to delay in payment?

Your cibil score is calculated by taking several different factors into consideration. For instance, your credit utilization ratio, length of credit history, experience with different types of credits, etc. all are considered when CIBIL calculates your score. However, one of the most influential factors among all is your payment history. Thus, ever

5 easy steps to choose best home loan for you

Whether you decide to construct a new property or buy a fully furnished apartment, home loan is going to be a major part of your deal. Particularly in the festival season you can avail the best home loan deals of the year. So here is a 5 point guide to choose the best home loan for you. Step 1: Get educated: Know about the available offers and deal

Can loans hurt my long term goals

Financial institutions in India have come up with varied loan products that help meet almost any financial need. Small personal loans, business loans, gold loan, home loan, car loan etc. are just some of the products available in the market. The policies with regards to loans vary from one financial institution to another. Depending on the size of