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Laurent Sarrazin

Laurent Sarrazin

Core dev, Scrum Master and Elite Nerf Sniper @Overblog. Oh ! And I'm a human being too. Almost forgot...
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Laurent Sarrazin

Laurent Sarrazin

Software Engineer
Laurent Sarrazin Laurent Sarrazin
Articles : 7
Since : 05/11/2013
Category : Tech & Science

Articles to discover

How to "install" Swagger-codegen on Mac OS X

Trying to develop a consumer for the Myfox API, I realised that the API documentation had been generated by Swagger. As the Swagger website states, "Swagger™ is a specification and complete framework implementation for describing, producing, consuming, and visualising RESTful web services." "Consuming" ? Hmmm, it might be interesting to dig a bit

Evernote API : how to get shared notes

This is the first article of a series that will try to describe some common tasks that developers try to achieve with the Evernote API. For this first article, I'll explain how to access notes that another user has shared with you. This tutorial uses python but the process is similar in other languages. The first step is to get the linked (shared)

Evernote API : Create notes in a linked notebook

This time, I'm going to show you how to create notes in a linked notebook. Here's the context : User A shares a notebook with User B and gives her full permissions on it. That means User B can read but also create new notes in the shared (linked) notebook. There's actually a difference between a shared and a linked notebook : In our case, the share

A vagrant box for the Evernote PHP sdk

Want to quickly try the Evernote SDK for PHP ? Don’t want to spend hours setting up an environment ? Use this vagrant box and get ready in a few minutes ! When I see something that I like I don’t want to have to wait hours to try it. I want it right here, right now. And when it comes to testing an API, I don’t want to spend hours configuring
Getting started with the Evernote API

Getting started with the Evernote API

Working with the evernote API can be a little bit tricky at first. Here’s a brief tutorial to help you quickly run the code samples. This tutorial will focus on the PHP SDK but can easily be transposed. Step 1 : Create a dev account The first step is to create a sandbox account. You don’t want to mess with your real notes (and the sysadmins at
Playing with neo4j and "Kaamelott" (french TV series)

Playing with neo4j and "Kaamelott" (french TV series)

After some experiments with neo4j, I've had the idea to graph the awesome "Kaamelott" universe. Here are the results of my first trials. Retrieve the data and insert them into neo4j This is not the most interesting part. I've simply created a little PHP script to extract episodes and characters information from the web, mostly from http://onenagros

My talk at EC4

In October 2014, I've been invited by Evernote to present the official Evernote PHP SDK that I was developing at the time. Here's my talk.