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Lizzie Cornish

Lizzie Cornish

I'm now a Pensionless Pensioner, incensed by what's been done to The 1950s Women of Britain their pensions denied for 6 yrs, without warning, by UK government. This has also been done to the 1960s women too, for ALL of us were given the pension age of 60, and this should have been and MUST BE HONOURED. I'm also a fighter for justice, for our beautiful planet, for The Seven Generations Ahead, of ALL Species, to whom Mother Earth belongs - Mitakuye Oyasin


The Diary Of A Pensionless Pensioner

The Diary Of A Pensionless Pensioner

The Descent Into Hell of just one of the millions of 1950s Women who've been denied their STATE PENSIONS for 6YRS, contract broken, each ROBBED of £50,000+ and not even INFORMED by UK government under David Cameron and George Osborne& now, Theresa May and Philip Hammond: The Devil's Own Christians!
Lizzie Cornish Lizzie Cornish
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Since : 15/04/2016
Category : Politics

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Of WRAGS and Wretches

For full story, go to 'home' page, scroll right down and start with 'Heartbreak' (now on Page 2) Part 1 of this story is in 'Assessments, Assassins & Abusers'. You'll need MUCH Alcohol to get through this one, even more so than 'Heartbreak' for these Murderous, Traitorous Wretches are causing my ramblings to become ever longer.... So, I had The Ass

Of Assessments, Assassins & Abusers

For full story, go to 'home' page, scroll right down and start with 'Heartbreak' (now on Page 2). For 2nd part of this see 'Of WRAGS & Wretches' blog. I use the term 'Assassin' here in the title in the context of those who have stolen, darkly, into our once Government Of Democracy with one mission, to kill the 'important people' who matter. Those '

Widdecombe's Whoppers

Geez, this is LONG! You'll need alcohol, sandwiches and possibly, a sleeping bag! The Boring Bits - To see full blog, go to Home Page (there are 2 pages now, start with 'Heartbreak', (be sure to read the 250 comments beneath it, nearly all from other women left in the same, sinking boat as myself)...then, work your way up the 'chapters'. Before I s

Dear 1950s Women, We're SO Sorry!

To read the full story, go to the 'home' page, scroll down to 'Heartbreak' (now on Page 2) and then, work up. (Written on the day after Labour said they'd give us Reduced State Pension For Life, from age 64. YEEEESH! CAN it GET more INSULTING? This following on from the total refusal by Tories to do anything at all) THE SPEECH WHICH NEEDS TO BE SPO

Tory 'Credit' and Tory Cruelty

For full story, go to 'Home' page, scroll down and start with 'Heartbreak'. Gross Negligence Manslaughter is when a person/s know that due to their actions/decisions, some people may, or will, die, yet, they continue on with those actions. So, here's a thing, regarding Universal Credit. (please feel free to correct me if I have my sums wrong) # Bac

Strong And Stable Tories-The Devil's Own Christians

To read all chapters of this Sorry Tale, go to 'home' page, scroll down to 'Heartbreak', now on Page 2, (reading over 230 comments from other women affected thus) then, work up. You may need alcohol. "LOVE AND COMPASSION ARE NECESSITIES, NOT LUXURIES. WITHOUT THEM, HUMANITY CANNOT SURVIVE" - The Dalai Lama "WE JUDGE OUR ECONOMY NOT ON THE PRESENCE

YOU WANTED EQUALITY! - A Misogynist's Guide

(For full story, go to 'Home' page, scroll right down, then to Page 2, and start with 'Heartbreak', working upwards. You may need alcohol) "You WANTED EQUALITY!" they scream at us, on Twitter and Facebook....over and over and over again, we women who are dying now, our State Pensions stolen from us for SIX YEARS, defrauded, whilst over £50,000 sto

Vivaldi and Robot Woman, I can take NO MORE!

For full story, go to 'home' page, scroll right down and start with 'Heartbreak' (now on Page 2) I've become A Raging, Out-of-Control, Blood-Curdling, Obscenity-Riddled, Spitting Harridan, due to my pension being denied for SIX YEARS (SIX fecking YEARS!) without ANY Official Informing to a single woman from the 1950s!) Yes, it HAD to happen, didn't

Of Contacts, Cataracts and Cruelty

For full story, go to 'home' page, scroll right down and start with 'Heartbreak' (now on Page 2) Yesterday, I went to get my eyes tested, a normal procedure, in normal times, for most. But for we 1950s women, our State Pensions stolen for 6 years, these are anything *but* 'normal times', as many of us are forced to live on £10.33 a day for ALL in

The New Jews and Jeremy Vine

To see the whole story, go to 'Home' page, scroll down and start with 'Heartbreak' (now on Page 2) (250 comments below it, well worth reading.) Well, it now seems my generation have become The New Jews, being blamed for everything that's going wrong with the country and the world. Last Friday, 2nd November 2018, Jeremy Vine spoke these words on cam