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Kaiden James Kaiden James
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​Hey all.. Sorry I've not been too active. School stuff. Except I'm a liar, haha. This week has been a huge binge week, I've been too ashamed of myself to post much. I wasn't feeling like I deserved to preach about how to be skinny if I was being such a hypocritical piggy.. I'm getting over that though, I can't let a bad week turn into a bad mont

So far today I've eaten: - Chicken Fajita Rice-A-Roni, 1/2 cup 130 calories - Iceberg lettuce, 1 cup 8 calories _________________________________________________________________________ So that would be a total of 138 calories! I'm doing great today, proud of myself even.

I haven't eaten in almost two days. That's a thing I like about depression I guess, no anxiety, no hunger, nothing. Also no sense of self-preservation. Which I'm quite liking.

This better finally work, I've been trying to update all weekend but it hasn't let me. I purged for for the first time in my life on Friday; it was miserable. Absolute shite. Real probs to Mia people out there, it's not for the faint of heart. I ate two pieces of pizza and a sugar cookie to break a fast and I just lost it. It's not as glamorous as

I'm at zero calories, thank god. I'm so sick of being polluted by food.. I need to be pure again. I think I'm gaining tbh.. I'm disgusted with myself. I just got my thigh gap back and I'm letting myself lose it! Ugh. All I've had today is a piece of gum and some coffee. I don't plan to taint my body with anything more. (PS, the pic is me.)