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Lektz - eBook Protection, Distribution & Management

Lektz - eBook Protection, Distribution & Management

Lektz is a customizable framework solution for eBook reader apps and eBook DRM to sell and distribute your eBooks of PDF, ePUB2/3, HTML5 format. We do offer various Business Models for many Publishers, Educational Institutions and Educational Management companies to CREATE, ENHANCE, PROTECT, MANAGE AND DISTRIBUTE content for both online and offline access.To know more about Business Models, Kindly visit us at: (or)
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Since : 18/06/2016

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Key features of Lektz DRM

The Lektz DRM supports various features. Some of the important key features are given below. Strong encryption and decryption mechanism. Limit the number of devices that an eBook can be opened in. Cloud sync Readers supporting the DRM are available for iOS, Android, Web and PC. Readers support both PDF and ePub2/ePub3 format of eBooks. User friendl

Get your eBooks published with us

If you have an idea to enter into the digital world, don't worry we are here to help you to shine in this digital publishing world. We can help you to convert your printed books into interactive eBooks of epub2/3 formats. Also we can help you in the service of providing the audio and video books from the given text. Just create an ecommerce website

Lektz - eBook Reader Apps

Lektz eBook reader apps are specially designed to make the reading experience more engaging and interesting. They support various formats and standards of eBooks such as PDF, ePUB2, ePUB3 (free-flow and fixed-layout), HTML5, SCORM, TinCan API, DAISY Talking Books and Media-Overlay. Lektz reader apps are not just preferred eBook reader apps for read

Lektz - Publish your eBooks for free

Lektz is a cloud-based eBook delivery platform. It's solutions are widely used by various Publishers, Educational management companies and Educational institutions across the world. You can also publish your eBooks of various formats such as PDF, epub2/3 and html5, for free using our Lektz SaaS Model. Just create a publisher account in Lektz by Sig


Lektz is an ebook distribution and management platform. It helps publishers and ebook aggregators to setup their own ecommerce store, manage their ebooks and distribute them with ebook DRM to prevent piracy and illegal copying. Lektz is offered as both SaaS-based hosted solution and On-premise solution. With SaaS-based hosted solution, you don’t

Create your free Publisher Account in Lektz

Lektz is a customizable framework solution, We have created SaaS Model as a Demo for our users to try and evaluate our Lektz solution. Wanna know about Lektz? Just Sign Up with us and publish your eBooks of various formats.

Lektz - On premise Model

Integrated with client's existing website and hosted on the client's server. It is offered under perpetual (one-time cost) license with optional Annual Maintenance and Support Fee. The 'On-Premise' model would include the following: Customisation of your existing website Integrating the DRM solution (server-based) Developing an eBook management mod

Publish your eBooks for FREE using our SaaS Model

Software-as-a-Service(SaaS) Model: Users can publish their eBooks for free using our Lektz Solution. Just Sign Up with Lektz and then submit your eBooks with enabled DRM. If you want to earn money, you can also publish your eBooks along with the pricing. And the eBooks published by the users can be of any formats such as PDF, epub2/3 and html5. The

Lektz - DRM

Lektz - Digital Rights Management Lektz DRM is a proprietary eBook DRM technology of AEL Data. Lektz DRM secures eBooks from being copied and transmitted without appropriate rights and permissions. Our DRM is a package of server-side programming libraries and codes, which will be integrated with publisher’s CMS for eBook Encryption. Also, our DRM

Lektz - eBook store

To read eBooks online for free, just create a user account in Lektz and access the free eBooks of Lektz. Visit the following link to know more: