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Mind Over Blog

a simple self driving blog to share my thoughts and make you see a different prespective.
Jaspal Jaspal
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Since : 28/09/2016

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Where to Look for the Best Good Night Images

Whether it is about expressing your love or emotions, you always find sending messages a right option to go with. There is no doubt that texting can help you strengthening your relationship with someone you really love and care about. Whether it is about Facebook or WhatsApp messaging, you always like to add images to the same. For instance, if you

Innovative Ideas on Email Marketing Services for Modern Businesses

There is a direct relation between the technology-oriented communication and business success. If you want to achieve desired success in business world, you first need to learn how to communicate with your potential customers. There could be various ways to go with, but the most effective one is email marketing. Yes, with the help of email marketin

Points to Remember When Determining Free Fax Online

When it comes to using effective communication options, importance of fax machines can’t be ignored. However, it is true that these equipments are the best way of sending and receiving faxes necessary to run a business or organization, but now with the advent of internet, they aren’t as useful as they used to be. Just imagine about an online fa

Any age-old accounting software still runs at 35

FAMIS accounting software was brought by Billy Green in 1981 at Philadelphia when Apple Macintosh and Microsoft Windows were yet to be introduced the people. It has been 35 years since the financial accounting and management information system FAMIS has been in to work in Philadelphia. It still manages 4 billion annual expenditure that all the reve