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albert huddle

albert huddle

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albert huddle albert huddle
Articles : 99
Since : 28/09/2016
Category : Tech & Science

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What Does Depth Strider Do In Minecraft?

That the frost Walker enchantment to the depth Strider Minecraft enchantment basically to see which one is the better boot enchantment in Minecraft so why don't we get started so the first point to comprehend about the frost Walker and depth Strider enchantments is they are incompatible with one another and then also boot enchantments so what this

What Does Bane of Arthropods Do In Minecraft?

About enchantments the past time I Really Did aqua affinity and Now I Am doing bane of arthropods minecraft so Essentially How it works is That It Raises damage that Dinosaurs like Lions and arthropods like Lions silverfish and ender mites um and Raises slows that Provides them slowness Too so That They Have slowed down so yeah I Am gonna Demonstra

What Does Aqua Affinity Do In Minecraft?

Concerning the aqua affinity enchantment in minecraft and Exactly What it does I Presume it Seems like a Very Trendy enchantment I mean aqua affinity come on but let Us see what it does This why Not we Begin Alright so Just What is the aqua affinity enchantment at Minecraft Exactly What it’s That are helmets as Well as turtle shells since turtle

What Does Curse of Vanishing Do In Minecraft?

About cursive of vanishing yeah so all the things I am going to do I'm gonna do about the enchantment cursive action I am doing this mostly for newer folks that aren't knowledgeable about Minecraft or the enchantments but also for people that have been enjoying Minecraft for a while and they just avoid cursive vanishing because it is not a fantasti

What Does Mending Do In Minecraft?

You a little bit about mending and also five Distinct locations where to find that mental encampment awesome men didn't lose so um before I actually show you it make sure you're gonna Adhere to the disc or as whatever closes the two hundred members and obviously at 200 members we're opening our Own subscriber realm so Be Sure You go and be active o

What Does Piercing Do In Minecraft?

So what is the difference between multi-shot and piercing enchantments for your crossbow they're incompatible with each other so you have to select either multishot or piercing minecraft and this movie will share with you exactly what they do exactly what are the downsides and what are the advantages to every enchantment in Minecraft let us begin u

What is Spider eye used for in Minecraft?

Stuck with a bunch of spider eyes and aren't sure how to use it this video is going to explain to you how to use spider eye Minecraft let's first talk about where you can get spider eye Minecraft one place is the desert temple there's a twenty eight point seven percent chance of a chest having a stack of one two three spider eyes another way is by

What Does Riptide Do In Minecraft?

The riptides enchantment in Minecraft well not doing the Riptide Minecraft but doing a video about the Riptide enchantment in Minecraft and basically telling you worth whether it's well worth getting or if it's worth completely avoiding so um maybe I should start the video so if you're wondering basically how it work when you throw it it throws you

What Does channeling Do In Minecraft?

About if the channeling minecraft enchantment or the riptides enchantment is much better so why not we begin so first thing you need to comprehend about both of these enchantments are they're clearly attempted in enchantments and they're incompatible with each other today using the channeling minecraft enchantment the utmost degree is it essentiall

What Does Respiration Do In Minecraft?

About the respiration enchantment in Minecraft and what it exactly does so why do not we get started so how about we discuss this respiration enchantment in minecraft what does it do you say well what it does is it increases your breathing when you are underwater so that it increases your breathing by 15 minutes by each degree of enchantment the ma