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WeChat things, like usage, tips, message recovery, photo recovery ect.
Lotus Lotus
Articles : 207
Since : 13/10/2016
Category : Tech & Science

Articles to discover

Solve WeChat Shaking Problem

“I haven’t use the shaking feature on WeChat for weeks, this evening, i feel so boring and click WeChat shaking feature, but it doesn’t work now. How could i solve WeChat shaking problem?” WeChat built-in feature WeChat shaking can help us reach WeChat users who is also using this feature at the same time, no matter how far you’re. So it

What is WeChat ID and WeChat Name?

Some people are confused with WeChat ID and WeChat name, and don’t know what’s the difference between WeChat ID and WeChat name. Now from this article, we’ll show you what is WeChat ID and WeChat name. Simply, when we download WeChat app on our phone or iPhone, and register it, it will ask us to input our WeChat ID and WeChat name. But WeChat

Ways to Change WeChat Group Name

“I joined some new WeChat groups recently, and i don’t like the name, so i want to change it. But anyone can show me how to change WeChat group name?” Sometimes we may want to change our WeChat group name to make them more special, and if you don’t know how to do it, you can follow this page and have a try. Change WeChat Group Name 1.Open W

Set Groups for WeChat Contacts

“Usually I will post some WeChat moment, and I don’t want all my WeChat contacts see it. So I want to set some groups for my WeChat contacts, then I can choose which groups can see my certain posts, and which groups couldn’t see my posts. Anyone can show me how to set groups for WeChat contacts?” Now if you’re also having this kind of iss

Voice Exporter for WeChat Voice Messages on iPhone

Today, we’re going to introduce you voice exporter for WeChat voice messages on iPhone, which named iRefone. You may see there are many iPhone data exporter software now, why should we choose iRefone? Because it’s the most professional one with exporting WeChat data. Also it can help us recover as well as backup more than 16 kinds of files with

Recover Lost Baby Photos on WeChat

“I gave birth to our first baby several days ago, it’s a lovely girl. and we take many photos for her when we saw her with our first sight, also we share those photos to our family, who is not with us. But now, i couldn’t find those photos, how could i recover lost baby photos on WeChat?” As those photos are lost recently, and if you’re u

Extract WeChat Videos from iPhone 7 to Mac

“There are some WeChat videos on my iPhone 7, now i want to play them on my Mac and watch them together with my friends. Is there any way can help me extract those WeChat videos from iPhone 7 to Mac?” We can not only use WeChat to send and receive messages, but also send and receive some videos or take some sight videos to our friends. With man

Set WeChat Moments Can only be Seen half a Year

“Recently i checked some of my friends WeChat moments, and I couldn’t see any moments from some WeChat contacts, but with a message line that WeChat moments can only be seen latest three days. While some of them set their WeChat moment can only be see half a year. As i don’t post WeChat moments much, so i want to set my WeChat moments can onl

WeChat Data Lost due to Battery Issue, How to Get them Back?

“My iPhone battery drain quickly and my iPhone always crash suddenly, then i find that i lost some of my WeChat data. Now is it possible for me to get backup my lost WeChat data due to battery issue?” WeChat is becoming the most popular chat apps right now, and many people are using it every day to know their friends daily life. But unfortunate

Transfer WeChat Chat Log from Old iPhone to iPhone X/iPhone 8 Free

Now after getting your new iPhone X or iPhone 8, do you want to transfer your WeChat messages from old iPhone to them? Do you know how to transfer WeChat chat log from old iPhone to iPhone X/iPhone 8 free? Although WeChat server won’t help us save our WeChat messages, but we can use it to help us transfer those WeChat chat log from one phone to a