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WeChat things, like usage, tips, message recovery, photo recovery ect.
Lotus Lotus
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Since : 13/10/2016
Category : Tech & Science

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Backup WeChat Voice Message on iPhone X

“There are many WeChat voice messages on my iPhone X, now i want to listen to them on my PC, how do i backup my WeChat voice message on iPhone X?” To keep our WeChat voice message safe on iPhone X, we can backup them on iTunes. Also we can rely on third-party software iRefone for help to backup them selectively on PC. Now follow below page, we

Voice Exporter for WeChat Voice Messages on iPhone

Today, we’re going to introduce you voice exporter for WeChat voice messages on iPhone, which named iRefone. You may see there are many iPhone data exporter software now, why should we choose iRefone? Because it’s the most professional one with exporting WeChat data. Also it can help us recover as well as backup more than 16 kinds of files with

Recover lost WeChat conversation from iPhone XS

Every year, Apple will release its new iPhones. Now in 2018, iPhone XS will be released soon. When you get one, how will you recover your lost WeChat conversion from iPhone XS? It’s so cool to have an iPhone because of its quality and nice design, but just like using other phone, we may lost our iPhone data as well. Now don’t worry, there are m

Fix WeChat shake non working issue

“WeChat shake feature doesn’t work on my WeChat, then i couldn’t add new friends with it. How could i fix WeChat shake non working issue?” When we’re in train station or bus station, we’ll use WeChat shake feature to add some WeChat friends for chatting to kill time. But some people feedback there is something wrong with their WeChat sh

Ways to Change Language on WeChat

“I installed my WeChat app on iPhone with Chinese version, is it possible for me to change language on WeChat? And i want to set my WeChat language with English.” When we know other languages or we’re learning some other languages, we may want to set related language on our phone or iPhone, also we will need to set WeChat with related languag

Solve WeChat Shaking Problem

“I haven’t use the shaking feature on WeChat for weeks, this evening, i feel so boring and click WeChat shaking feature, but it doesn’t work now. How could i solve WeChat shaking problem?” WeChat built-in feature WeChat shaking can help us reach WeChat users who is also using this feature at the same time, no matter how far you’re. So it

WeChat in-camera translation feature

“My friends send me some words with Chinese, and i couldn’t read it, she said i can use WeChat translation feature to translate them. Anyone can show me how to use WeChat translation feature?” Since WeChat supports scan to translate feature, many people are using it, and we don’t need to worry about the situation that we couldn’t read som

What is WeChat ID and WeChat Name?

Some people are confused with WeChat ID and WeChat name, and don’t know what’s the difference between WeChat ID and WeChat name. Now from this article, we’ll show you what is WeChat ID and WeChat name. Simply, when we download WeChat app on our phone or iPhone, and register it, it will ask us to input our WeChat ID and WeChat name. But WeChat

Get back WeChat data on iPhone after doing factory reset(WeChat app is gone)

“Is it possible for us to get back our WeChat data on iPhone after doing factory reset, or when our WeChat app is gone?” When our iPhone get stuck, we may lost some apps, like WeChat, and we may do factory reset to fix this kind of issue, then we’ll lost some data, like WeChat data. Due to this issue, we’ll show you some methods about how t

Float a Web Page Window on WeChat

Summary: From this page, we’ll introduce you floating window feature on WeChat. When you want to float a web page window on WeChat, please check below page for detailed information. When float a web page window on WeChat, we can continue with other parts of WeChat and return to our reading page later when we need. Now see how to do it. How to Flo