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WeChat things, like usage, tips, message recovery, photo recovery ect.
Lotus Lotus
Articles : 198
Since : 13/10/2016
Category : Tech & Science

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Extract WeChat Data from Battery Broken iPhone

“My iPhone battery seems broken as i couldn’t get it charged, and i have tried other iPhone charger, but it still doesn’t work. Now is it possible for me to extract WeChat data from battery broken iPhone?” WeChat data are very important for most of us, especially when there is something wrong with our iPhone, we’re may afraid of losing so

Extract Only WeChat Photos from iCloud Backup

“After syncing my WeChat photos to iCloud, i delete some of them from my WeChat, now i need to view them. Is it possible for me to extract only WeChat photos from iCloud backup?” To extract only WeChat photos from iCloud, or you need to download your WeChat photos selectively from iCloud backup, you can come to iRefone for help. iRefone is a pr

How is your Thanksgiving day

Now it’s Thanksgiving day, how do you celebrate it? And how is your Thanksgiving day? Firstly we’ll review the short story of Thanksgiving, then we decide how to celebrate our Thanksgiving day. Thanksgiving day is usually celebrated on the fourth Thursday of november, and it’s widely celebrated by Americans to show their thanks and gratitude.

How to Change WeChat Conversation Background

“How could i change WeChat conversation background?” “One of my WeChat friends post a moment about the WeChat conversation with her friends, and the WeChat conversation background draw my attention. I also want to change my WeChat conversation background, how could i do it?” After using WeChat for a period, we may find there are more featur

Sync WeChat Messages from Old iPhone to iPhone X

“After using iPhone X for a month, now i want to sync WeChat messages from my old iPhone to my new iPhone X, then i don’t need to check my old WeChat messages on other iPhone. What should i do?” It’s so necessary for us to know how to transfer WeChat data from one iPhone to another iPhone, when we need to change our old iPhone with a new on

Download Only WeChat Contacts from iCloud Backup

“I delete some of my WeChat contacts by mistake, now i want to get them back from my iCloud backup. But how could i download only WeChat contacts from iCloud backup?” To download only WeChat contacts from iCloud backup, we’ll need to rely on third-party iOS data recovery software iRefone for help. iRefone is a powerful iOS data recovery softw

Ways to Add New WeChat Friends and Stay Connected

After using WeChat for almost three years, i haven’t add many friends on it. Now i moved to a new city and fa away from home, so i want to add some new WeChat friends and stay connected. How do i find some ways to add new WeChat friends?” Now generally we may want to add some WeChat friends who is near to us, then we can go out together and sta

Ways to Delete WeChat Account

“I add so many strangers and post too much advertises on my WeChat account, so i don’t want to use it any more. But how to delete my WeChat account?” When you don’t want to use your WeChat account any more and want to delete it, now you can follow below page and learn how to delete your WeChat account. How to Delete WeChat Account There are

Can We See the Friends of our Friends on WeChat?

When we pay more attention to some of our WeChat friends, or when we are curious about someone, we may want to see his or her WeChat friends. But can we see the friends of our WeChat friends? Actually we couldn’t see the friend list of our WeChat friends, but there are some ways we can know our common WeChat contacts, so it’s also very importan

Transfer WeChat Chat Log from Old iPhone to iPhone X/iPhone 8 Free

Now after getting your new iPhone X or iPhone 8, do you want to transfer your WeChat messages from old iPhone to them? Do you know how to transfer WeChat chat log from old iPhone to iPhone X/iPhone 8 free? Although WeChat server won’t help us save our WeChat messages, but we can use it to help us transfer those WeChat chat log from one phone to a