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Thayer White

Thayer White

Boise State Men's Golf Assistant Coach. Student of Boise State's Kinesiology and Athletic Leadership Master's Program. Expected Graduation: May 2019. Hometown: Santa Barbara, CA. San Marcos High School Class of 2012. Parents: Stewart & Michele White. Undergrad: University of California, Berkeley. Major: Geography. Preferred walk-on Cal Men's Golf 2012-2013; Undergraduate Assistant Coach 2016-2017. Graduated May 2017. Graduate: Boise State University. Kinesiology and Athletic Leadership Master's Program. Appointed Boise State Men's Golf Assistant Coach July 2017. Hobbies: Golf, Basketball, Hiking, Surfing, Snowboarding, Cards and Reading.


Boise State Men's Golf Assistant Coach. Boise State Kinesiology and Athletic Leadership Master's Program. Golf, Boise State, Athletics, Education, Leadership, College Golf
Thayer White Thayer White
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Since : 09/07/2017
Category : Sports

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Blog Post 3 - Interview

Blog Post 3 – Interview Kinesiology-Athletic Leadership 501 is teaching and enhancing my philosophy of leadership. It has been very helpful to have a sense of familiarity with my peers and a genuine understanding that we are here to learn. I am the only golfer however, I am easily able to relate to the football assistant coaches, physical trainer

Golf Season Starting Up

I have increased responsibilities and expectations – some of it is from the nature of my assistant coaching position, but more significantly, I am putting more responsibilities and expectations on myself. The harder the course, the more rewarding the triumph. I do recognize that I have earned those increased expectations and responsibilities from

Blog Post 5 - Impacts

Over the last three weeks, I have learned a lot about myself and my approach to leadership as well as how it is applied in our society. This class started on July 5th, 2017 and it feels like it has been an entire semester of exposure and knowledge. Through group discussion, exercises, and open platform conversations, I have been able to get to know

Starting Up at Boise State University

Blog Post 1 – Boise State University I arrived to Boise, Idaho in the evening of July 2nd and I was extremely excited for my new opportunity at Boise State University. I am about to become the Assistant Coach for the Men’s Golf Program as well as about to start my Master’s Program titled “Kinesiology and Athletic Leadership.” The MAL (Mas

Blog Post 4 – Pair Projects

Blog Post 4 – Pair Projects Everyone has had to work with a peer, a business partner, a friend, an enemy or someone brand new to work on a project that will be presented to an audience. It seems that most of the time that a project, plan, or vision is presented by a slide show presentation. For those who think that your last slideshow presentatio

Blog Post 2 - Crucibles of Leadership

“Crucible: a transformative experience through which an individual comes to a new or an altered sense of identity” (Warren Bennis & Robert Thomas) In our society, we are all consciously and unconsciously continuously playing a role (or multiple roles). We take positions within our daily lives – we have acquired those roles from communication,