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Azad Shaar

Azad Shaar


A variety of words, feelings, and universes. Writer of fiction / Inspired by nonfiction.
Azad Shaar Azad Shaar
Articles : 50
Since : 03/08/2017

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“I can understand what’s in your heart through your expression. It seems so easy for me to step over the boundaries of your skin and dive deep into your soul.” After a moment of silence and quick heart-beat, I said: “Read my face, what do I feel now?” He looked through. He didn’t need lights to see me but there was the Moon over us, bea

Starting Over

“I’m gunna love you hard and strong until your wounds open and we heal them together. I’m gunna love you like you’ve never known pain. Imma love you like you don’t try to stop me when I do. “I’m unaware of what you’ve been through that made you think you’re unlovable. I need not know that. Instead, I want to manifest my life with

Building Bridges

Let me be the highway that links your life to this world. Let me be the Moon that lights your starless nights. Let me inhabit your mind with my figure. Let me adopt your heart when you let go of it. Let me catch your eyes when you throw them out, and thrill your touch with my skin. Let me transport you, from your realm, to this world, then to my Un

Mind-Browsing Past Midnight

The Sun falls. And all the flowers in my mind arouse. And I write. And write, and write.Who would've thought that midnight could be a sanctuary for the dangers of my words. Who would've thought that my sleepless nights would turn to missed breakfasts, junk food for lunches, and merely an hour of sleep instead of dinners. Who would've thought that,


You are beyond what words can explain. You are so much light; more than the whole world combined could ever be. The Energy of your heart hugs my entire existence and gives birth to butterflies that soar freely in my stomach, tickling the walls of my intestines, making my days stuffed with laughter at every dusty corner and dim turn. Your heart hugs


"You know, if we cut you down to pieces and put each characteristic of yours in a different person, they would be the most annoying people ever. But on you, all together, they're just... perfect," he said. Slowly. He smiled. Like it's the strangest thing to ever come out of his mouth. Like he's savoring the taste of the words before they go away fo


Big house. Small room. Dim lights. She was wearing dark blue shoes that looked so good on the light grey tiles. He didn’t even realize that he was observing Her every detail. He grabbed Her hips, felt Her silky-smooth curves, and brought Her closer. He wanted Her right next to him; as near as humanly possible. He was smiling to the oddity of the

Always; all ways.

And of the formlessness of man, she slowly gave him form. She rose the mud and sculpted his face. She gave him a sense. And another. Until they became five, and they were exotic. She wanted him to feel her, to be with her, not just spiritually, but also physically. She wanted him to unite with her through more ways than one, through more entities t

Your Therapy

He traced a line of kisses down her spinal cord quite quickly and went on with it to introduce his lips to her left thigh as she sat there laughing hysterically and trying to ask him to stop through sweet tears. The way your lips met her skin was as though they were trying to find information with every touch. Full lower lip first, followed by the

Stress Relief

She was on your lap. Her arms around your shoulders. Her fingers caressing your upper back in repetitive, smooth, up-and-down movements. Her lips pressed on between the side and the back of your neck, then softly rise from your skin to give room for a tiny, silky, almost-cold breeze. Again. And again. And again. Until it forms an unseen hole where