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Nikoli T. Burgher

Nikoli T. Burgher


Poems of reflection and quotes of inspiration

Poems of reflection and quotes of inspiration

we give you poems and quotes to help you relax, reflect and meditate. we help the mind to become critical and develop poems just as great or greater than poemsnmore....thanks for your visit.
Nikoli T. Burgher Nikoli T. Burgher
Articles : 19
Since : 22/08/2017

Articles to discover

"niaga evol ot diarfa si ehS” By: Nikoli T. Burgher (Snr)

Read the title from right to left.I see that smile on your face as it connects.Afraid to love again, she is.She is, afraid to love again. Everybody knows a mother, I know I do.Everybody knows a sister, isn’t this true?Everybody knows a daughter or has a few.Everybody knows an aunt and a friend.Who is afraid to love again. Beautiful she is, yes pr

"Listen to His Actions, Not His Words" by Nikoli T. Burgher (Snr.)

Listen to his actions not his words. He said, “I am not a typical guy”.That’s why he just lies to you about all the things he does.He only introduces you to one of his friends that will always lie to you. He is always talking over you and gets angry when he forces himself to listen to you.But have you ever wondered why he stopped bringing you

"Two Sides of the Story" by Nikoli T. Burgher (Snr)

I have been lied to by my elders.Parents, pastors, teachers.They lied so much to me, by telling me “HIS” story.But failed to tell me the facts of history. They turned heroes into villains.Forced spiritual worshipers into Religion.Selfishly benefiting from human integration.Then used skin to form division. Every story have two sides, that’s th

"The Me in Me That You Could Never Be" by Nikoli T. Burgher (Snr)

I am not saying you are better than me.I am not saying I am better than you.And I know you wouldn’t want to be me.because who am I in the eyes of society for you to want to be?All I am saying is that there is a me in me that you could never be. You could do a surgery to look like me.Even mimic my actions to be like me.Change your voice to sound l

"Reasons to love My Mommy" by Nikoli T. Burgher (Snr)

The music was right, promoters smiled as they dimmed the lights because everyone was complaining that the mood was not right and the lights were too bright.The selector was a crowd fanatic and the event space capacity was over the limit. So when the light was right, the selector got hyped, getting money pull ups, they started calling him banky as t

"Predators and Preys" by Nikoli T. Burgher (Snr)

When I was little so was my self esteem. I was never the guy who would make a girl smile, blush or have a butterfly belly, not even in her most desperate dreams. Handsome at birth I was considered to be, but not by society only by those who were biologically programmed to be in love with me.Have you ever looked in the mirror wondering who/what the

"No More Division" by Nikoli T. Burgher (Snr) 

I had a vision that I stopped division: Cultural, political and yes, Religion. I had a dream that I rid the earth of hate, made love flow like a stream going through a golden gate. I want to see smiles invade serious faces, love become religion and humanity our only race eliminating skin defined division. To ask, "Where are you from?" should be a s
Little Billy (The Jamaican Bottle Police).

Little Billy (The Jamaican Bottle Police).

Introduction Many Jamaicans can share their stories of being called a bottle police, these stories could be juxtaposed and the similarities would always outnumber the differences. This story will highlight a little bottle police who hails from the parish of St. Thomas, Jamaica in a small community called Yallahs. STORY Little Billy was never traine

"Seeking Love from a Broken Heart" by Nikoli T. Burgher (Snr)

She loves him. No, She was in love with him,But he loves his legumes, and just wanted her to pull his pod and expose his peas,Then left her crying as she pleas, mopping the floor with her blistered knees,Now her heart aches like she has been stung by a bee,As she realizes that all the honey coated words that flowed from his mouth was nothing but de

"Unuh Nuh Dweet" by Nikoli T. Burgher (Snr)

Unuh dweet me say unuh nuffi dweetUnuh dweet me say unuh nuffi dweet Nuh cause me live on the streetOut a rubbish bin me eatMe clothes ever duttyAnd me never smell sweetYou get up and a call me madman Unuh dweet me say unuh nuffi dweetUnuh dweet me say unuh nuffi dweet A cause the system hardAnd me never go abroadMek me don’t have a yardOh LordSo