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GunaVati (GV)

GunaVati (GV)

study at Lake View College in Bukit Merah. Student of Diploma in Hotel Management.


Information about non verbal communication skills (Fundamental of communication)
GunaVati (GV) GunaVati (GV)
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Nonverbal communication skills (example)

Nonverbal communication skills (example)

Professor Rowan Atkinson as known as Mr Bean, he is a perfect example for nonverbal communication. although he never used a single word, but his facial expressions, body languages make everyone laugh.


Some interesting quotes said by some famous people are :- Our actions speak louder than words. If personality is an unbroken series of successful gestures, then there was something gorgeous about him. The limits of my language means the limits of my world. Electric communication will never be a substitute for the face of someone who with their soul
Nonverbal communication

Nonverbal communication

it's better if we watch this video without sound. it's help us to improve the knowledge about nonverbal communication skills.

Key Takeaways

Nonverbal communication is a process of generating meaning using behavior other than words. Nonverbal communication includes vocal elements, which is referred to as paralanguage and includes pitch, volume, and rate, and nonvocal elements, which are usually referred to as body language and includes gestures, facial expressions, and eye contact, amon
Overview of the topic (nonverbal communication skills)

Overview of the topic (nonverbal communication skills)

the video describes about the various functions and importance of non verbal communication-- Created using PowToon -- Free sign up at -- Create animated videos and animated presentations for free.

Nonverbal cues

Here are literally thousands of nonverbal cues that can be used to ascertain what someone else is communicating. Here are just a few examples. Keep in mind that nonverbal cues can be misleading, so it is best to take all types of information into consideration. Aggressive: frowns, pursed lips, glaring, squinting, clenching fists, red face, invading

Nonverbal Communication Expresses Our Identities

Nonverbal communication expresses who we are. Our identities (the groups to which we belong, our cultures, our hobbies, and interests, etc.) are conveyed nonverbally through the way we set up our living and working spaces, the clothes we wear, the way we carry ourselves, and the accents and tones of our voices. Our physical bodies give others impre