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Jan Kristensen

Jan Kristensen

I am a clerk working in Nakskov after having moved here from Esbjerg in the western part of Denmark. I utilize my spare time on my garden and to learn about the world.


Haunted places

Haunted places

All over the earth a number of places contains a so disturbing past that you wonder if those places will be haunted forever. This blog covers some of them.
Jan Kristensen Jan Kristensen
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Since : 05/12/2017
Category : Lifestyle

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Neil’s testimony about Diamond Ranch Academy

This testimony was found on Google, which sadly periodically are cleaned up by the marketing department of the treatment center I went to DRA for thirteen months because I was turned down for advancement for no specific reasons and sometimes my breakdowns some I have to admit were my fault but that does not excuse the fact that it was supposed to b

Tranquility Bay Experience

Most of the teenagers who went to the schools ended up with losing contact to thier families due to the bizarre nature of the parent seminars. Some even suspect that the entire system was created to learn parents how to skip parental responsability. It was late, at least 3 in the morning. Everyone was still awake and I heard them talking about peop

180 N state street, La Verkin, Utah

According to various articles an investor built a shelter in La Verkin for use in a later nuclear war. They later put a building on the top of it. Over the years this building housed private teenage prisons called treatment centers where teenagers wasted their teenage years for nothing but having their college funds used on keeping them locked up.

boomj23's Diamond Ranch Academy testimony

This testimony was found on Reddit. It provides insight in the use of force the children were subjected to, which caused several of them to develop post traumatic stress disorder. I was in DRA from August 2011 to January 2012. I was taken by two big men on August 4 at around 3 in the morning and transported to Utah. Unfortunately, it is as bad as t

Samantha's Diamond Ranch Academy testimony

This testimony was found on a wordpress blog. The question remains whether those who died shortly after they left due to complications of post traumatic stress disorder caused by extreme so-called therapy will come back and haunt the facility. You decide. Diamond Ranch Academy was one of the worst experiences of my life. I was sent there at 16, and

From South Carolina to Jamaica

This is a follow-up to our January 1th entry. This person was taken from South Carolina to Tranquility Bay in Jamaica. I am really glad i found this group. I was at CSA (Carolina Springs Academy) for 8 months. I was taken by escorts the day after my 15th birthday. I made it to level 3 then ran away. I got 5 miles away and then they found me. My mom

1500 E 2700th S Hurricane, UT 84737

At this address a new treatment center is just starting up. Three Points Center will move in on this location which have housed prison styled so-called treatment centers for more than 20 years. Not every teenager who was in this area got home alive. Most the known case was Diamond Ranch Academy's detainee James Richard Shirey who was only 14-years-

J.S's Diamond Ranch Academy testimony

This testimony was found on Tumblr. It also tells the story about how parents in the United States can order a firm to collect their children in restraints if needed to take them across state lines to a state very unlike the state they are living in. Here they can be subjected to forms of therapy illegal in their home state. Trying to Understand th

Alex W.'s Diamond Ranch Academy testimony

This testimony was found on Tumblr. It mentions the death of the boy who died there in 2009. Ok let me start out by saying this place was HELL for me and everyone else i know that went there. If anything it made things worse then better. I got sent there on April 15, 2008 and graduated May 15, 2009. I was there exactly 13 months. As people said tha

Smarchand's Diamond Ranch Academy testimony

This testimony was found on Reddit. It mentions the death of the boy. When I was 16 I was sent to diamond ranch academy in Utah. It changed my life for the worse in many many ways. I want to start by saying this program is the definition of manipulation. The program directors do everything they can do make there website and the parent visits look a