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I am a spiritual medium/ iSangoma, a mother, daughter and sister.Fortunately my ancestors have allowed me to work full time for now. My best time is spent in peace and quite or doing my prayers. I hope that this blog will help as many people out there as possible, especially in dealing with matters


I am a spiritual medium/iSangoma whose focus is mainly to educate people about communicating with the departed, praying for their souls to be set free, Praying to God for eternal things and African Medicine. I do not claim to be an expert but what is documented on this Blog is based mainly on my personal experiences and what I have been taught. I welcome any input and/or suggestions as this is a Platform for us all to learn from one another. Please feel free to comment and ask questions. lets educate and be educated!
Makhosi Makhosi
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Since : 14/11/2012
Category : Religions & Beliefs

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About me & the Birth of My Gifts

About me & the Birth of My Gifts

It was only at the tender age of 19 that I came to know that I was infact one with an innate ability to look into mine and others lives; simply put I was born with an iDlozi spirit attached to me. I was the chosen one. At first this didn't make sense to me and I had no intention whatsoever to entertain these news. So I merrily went on with my life,

Amaphupho / Dreams - Part 2

As I've mentioned before in the first article, amaphupho/dreams have different meanings for different people and their umsamo because amadlozi and amathongo communicate with their subjects through them. It is for this reason that communicative dreams should be followed up on and their true meaning should also be confirmed with those who are gifted

Amaphupho/ Dreams and their meanings

How does one explain or give meaning to a dream outside of a proper reading and consultation? I am often amazed at how people are so quick to offer meanings to dreams. The chances of one dream meaning the same thing for two different people are very slim if any at all. We are all different and unique, with different amaDlozi hence the secrets of ea

Defining My Spirituality

Defining my spirituality is simple: Respect for the natural elements of life and earth, honoring and answering to the almighty and my ancestors, having trust and faith that when I pray I will be able to connect with this higher power and let it infuse my life with purpose and contentment. My family played a huge role in the person that I am today.


Mentorship Programme (this mentorship programme is especially recommended for those who already know that they have a calling as well as those who wish to gain more knowledge) Mentorship Modules Introduction to African Spirituality consciousness and energy of the ancestors Discover your own spiritual heritage African Medicine & Healing (you will al

Ukuvuma Idlozi/Accepting a calling

ukuvuma Idlozi/Accepting an ancestral calling is not as complicated as it believed to be. Mostpeople are of the impression that in order to accept an ancestral calling one must part with hundreds or even thousands of rands to pay the isangoma who oversees this. This should not be the case at all. Ukungazi kuyahlupha (not knowing is problematic), be

A new year, A fresh start ! Bring balance into your life this year!

Most people have their new year resolutions drawn up by now and are all fired up to work towards achieving those set resolutions. The great thing about resolutions is that noone is holding a gun to your head, instructing you on what should or shouldn't be on that list. So why is it that most people write unrealistic and un-achievable resolutions? T

Ukuvuma Idlozi/Accepting a calling - Part 2

People need to understand that not everyone onabantu abadala and not not everyone who completes ukuthwasa aphothule will become a practicing isangoma. Sometimes all the ancestors want is for someone to rectify the mistakes that they made besaphila. i.e. It could be that they never accepted their calling nor acknowledged abanikazi beziphiwo zabo or