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deeksha pant

deeksha pant

I am a vivacious kind of person who want to explore world by pragmatic eyes and my simple theory of life is live and let live!!!!..


Exist as a writer who keeps bringing innovation in writing and sizzling it with new thoughts.
deeksha pant deeksha pant
Articles : 8
Since : 25/01/2018

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How does it feel when your dreams shattered?

Do you ever realize!!! How does it feel when you work very hard and burning midnight oil, put everything aside and just focus on one thing but still it remains your dream? Yes, today I want to share my story “Dream still remain a Dream”. After completing my MBA I searched for a job like every other guy and that time only one or two companies ca

Sacrifices of Woman

A pristine morning with dreams in her flared eyes & ready to sprout every story of her quotidian routine. The moment she saw, her breakneck walk turned into a trudged walk. Every time she tried to outpoured her words, the opponent of her thoughts made to waylay. From the inner side, everything seemed anfractuous but from outside she was kept saying

“Nachtleben in Frankfurt”

Frankfurt- Eine Stadt von lebensfroh und glüklichen Menschen. Ich bin nach Frankfurt im Februar umgezogen. Ich war sehr gespannt über die Stadt, Märkte, und etwas bekannte pläzte, zu sehen. Ich freue mich auf meinen Lieblingstag (Wochenende) endlich, kam es. Frankfurt ist sehr schön und wunderbar in der Nacht. Die Straßen sind voll von mit Le

"Be Together"

A warm and delighted happy one month anniversary my honey! J Mere few words cannot express how I feel to be with you. You are the reason for all my hopes and aspirations all my day. The moment, you enter into our home captivates me to the core and take me to the world of yours. Each and every day you give me the reasons to find new ways to be in lo

Unrealistic Expectations!

"Hope" is the refined version of expectation. When hope upsurges, expectation secretly knocks your likelihood towards other. While considering others' desires, you yourself become naive and cajole that it surmises all your thoughts merely a leap of faith. It mutilates you from inner, changes your path of thinking and leads to giant disappointments.

Inner bond flashes into words.

The essence of friendship between "You" and "I" is profoundly barmy. The fondness,the tenderness we both fetch is as melodious as your voice.The beaming smile, leering at someone and at the same time, the sly thoughts shape our bond mettlesome.The fleeting moments and the canned laughter are the doting memories which I wanna kept in my numb mind.Ou

Reshape as who "You"

Change is inevitable which pulls you closer towards transformation, modification and discover a new "You". Someday somehow to transfigure ourselves you must see a world with a vivacious eyes.Eyes that catches a small lump in an overfill world.World changes for no reason and still a man stuck in a perpetual planet.Change is as good as your mindset.M

Kindness a first step of Humanitarianism!!

Kindness is the essence which you can't borrow. It comes internally. It is as ravishing as your mother's love. Through Kindness your soul and your heart fill with affirmative and vivacious thoughts. To understand the profundity of Kindness you must do a few things like: Help a person who is truly unable to make ends meet. Always look good and posit