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Get MSME Registration And Avail The Benefits Of Government Schemes

What is MSME? Depending upon whether an entity is a manufacturing unit or a service provider, MSME are categorized as:- Micro enterprises – Those business entities that have invested less than INR 25 lakh in plant and machinery or INR 10 lakh invested in equipment for those in the service sector. Small enterprises – Enterprises that have invest

What exactly is LLP, its advantages & disadvantages and process of registration?

Limited Liability Partnership is a form of legal entity in which all the partners or some partners have a set of limited liabilities and their responsibilities in the business are limited. Key Points to Remember: It is generally run by the partnership and cooperation between the partners for which they need to be very reliable and thus it involves

One Person Company Registration Procedure in India

In this article, I will give you a detailed description of exactly what one person company is, how you may get a one person company registration and pros and cons related to it. Each heading below will guide you the details. What is One Person Company (OPC)? The one person company is a form of business and it is a newly introduced concept in the co

Sole proprietorship registration How with Expert Help

Sole proprietorship: A sole proprietorship is a single person firm registration. The owner is inseparable from the sole proprietorship which makes him liable for any business debts. Technically speaking although it is not a legal entity the setup, still, it is the universally accepted format. There is no formal requirement of the Sole proprietorshi

Operate in the food business with Food License

A food license is one of the keys and mandatory registrations that need to be procured by all kinds of food business operator (FBO) in India. An FBO is defined as any kind of public or private business entity that is involved in any stage of manufacturing, packaging, processing, storing, transporting, distributing, importing, selling of food servic

Avail 5 Advantages of Copyright Registration

When you run a business then you have to be cautious that every small interest in your company must be protected. Whenever you think of an idea or manufacture a new product or think something different for the betterment of your business then it is important for you to apply for Copyright registration. If you don’t apply copyright then your idea

Basic Requirements to Apply for Private Limited Company Registration In India

There are many reasons that influence the choice of the type of the business one is planning to register in India. The size and nature of the business, scale, fund raising must be taken into account while choosing the type of the business entity. Have a look at the basic requirements that you must be aware of for applying for the private limited co

Get Complete Guide for GST Registration Online – Eligibility Process & Fees

If you are going to start your business related to goods and services then applying for GST Registration is the very first thing that needs your attention. So if you are unclear about the eligibility criteria, online GST registration procedure, fees structure, and anything then this article will be a complete guide for you. Let’s understand its m

Why do we need producer company registration in India?

A Producer Company is an organization which fundamentally deals with agriculture and its activities. Famers in India are chaotic and they are unaware of new innovations or assets that they require for their farming resources. A Producer Company comprises of agriculturists as members who altogether run the organization. This empowers them to accompl

The Process to Change the Registered Office in India

We by law, have a section 12 of the companies’ act of 2013 that states that it is mandatory for every company that has ever been incorporated to have their registered office. Their office must be in existence from the 15th day of the company’s incorporation and it will be the main location of the office or the address where all the work-related