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Momtastic Life

Momtastic Life

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Travel Strollers - Which One to Buy

I've spent the last couple of months trying to find what makes a travel stroller great. There is a lot I would like to share on my findings. There are three main things to consider for buying the best travel stroller. The most important of the three, safety, can lead to controversy. I feel safety is reflected in a stroller's sturdiness and features

Choosing the Right Travel System Stroller

There are many travel system strollers on the market and choosing the right one can make traveling across town or across the globe more convenient for both you and your baby. How do you know which one to pick? Is my travel system certified for plane travel? Does the car seat pass all safety regulations? Is it easily foldable? You may have endless q

Double Jogging Stroller - Pros and Cons

Kids love the comfort provided by double jogging strollers. To get a top quality double jogging stroller, you can expect to pay a much higher price than a single stroller. You might want to buy the best double jogging stroller available on the market to make it worth your money. Analysing pros and cons and features of double jogging strollers will

Choosing between a potty chair and a potty seat

When your child is ready for potty training you have to make a choice on which type of potty you are going to use. You can get them either a potty chair that sits on the ground or a potty seat that's placed on top of a regular toilet. Potty chairs come in many different colors and styles. Let your child pick their favorite color. The more your chil

Benefits of Jogging Strollers

Taking your baby out for a jog should be a comfortable and pleasant experience. Jogging strollers have large tires to overcome those road curbs and they're easy to maneuver. There isn't much room to store things in standard strollers. But jogging strollers have large storage baskets.There is also a bottle holder for baby and a cup holder for mom. J