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Friv Games - New Friv games for you!
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Since : 18/09/2018
Category : Family & Kids

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Play Now Controls Move your mouse cursor around to move your character. Left mouse button - attack Right mouse button - speed boost (uses experience) Instruction Each game starts as a simple cave man. In each level, your character grows and you change your skin and weapon! This is the process of evolution. Fight! Kill! Develop! Welcome to the massi

PLAY NOW Controls [Arrows] keys to move [X] key to make yourself heavier Stay on [screen] key to survive! Hold [x] key to brace before a collision with an enemy, but while holding x you are much less manoeuvrable. To bounce yourself higher, press [down] key on the way down, and [up] key on the way up! Description Bonk is a multiplayer physics game,
Flappy Bird 2

Flappy Bird 2

Play Now You are waiting for the sequel of Flappy Bird? The waiting has an end because Flappy Bird 2 is here! Flap, flap, flap and flap again or die a frustating pixel death like billions of cute pixel birds before. Enjoy Flappy Bird: Played: 80 times Dimensions: 400 x 400 Tags: Puzzle Skill Animal Friv 100 Birds

Play Now Controls Simple 'Pick up and Play' Punching Mechanics - [ Quick Punch, or 'Charge Up' to do more Damage & Stun with Knockback ] Fast-paced 'Online Multiplayer' Action - [ Beat up Brutes and dominate other Players on the Lea Instruction - The online realtime multiplayer game of chaotic physics-based combat, brute evolution, crazy