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Sarah And Shaniece.

Sarah And Shaniece.

I ισνε βειια Thorne. Im сαιιεď α βειιαrįηα. γσμ ρrσbαbιу αrε τσσ. сħαηсεs αrε уоu şεαrсħεd βειια τhσrηε. τħε αηşωεr ωαs αmαzing. ωαsητ iτ? γes. γes iτ ωαs.


Bella Thorne. All day long.
Sarah And Shaniece. Sarah And Shaniece.
Articles : 36
Since : 26/12/2012
Category : Celebrities

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Forever And Always.

Forever And Always.

Who will be forever and always? The beautiful couple Bella Thorne And Tristan Klier. They've been dating for a year. "I hope to have my first New Year's kiss." Bella tells M Magazine. "Ive never really had a real New Years Kiss."
Oh My Bella Thorne!

Oh My Bella Thorne!

Have you heard? Bella Thorne recorded a song for the Disney Christmas CD. "Rockin Around The Christmas Tree" is the song. It's filled with energy and excitment! It's also filled with other songs from stars like Austin Mahone, Zendaya, Olivia Holt and many more! You can buy it on or request the song on

Hi Shaniece and Shania.

Ok. You wanna do that? I can too. Why am I saying this? Because Shaniece and Shania are my best friends on Twitter. They have your own blog. They said hey to me on their blog, and I wanna do the same. So Heyy! Follow the two girls on Twitter. Shania is @Zenella272 And Shaniece is @ShanieceDouglas. Thanks guys. is a great place for Bellarinas and Bellarinos. Why? Everything is up to date about Bella Thorne! And Best of all, it's her website!