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Olivia's Nail

Olivia's Nail



Fashion. Nails. Life.
Olivia's Nail Olivia's Nail
Articles : 7
Since : 13/03/2013
Category : Beauty, Health & Fitness

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Just a teenage girl. Fashion and nails. If you're a girl, I think you'd like that if not, Hai guyz :) Juste une ado. La mode et les ongles. Si t'es une fille, je pense que t'aimerais bien mon blog, sinon coucou les gars :)
Pearls // Perles

Pearls // Perles

--> This is a pose, that I made with a blue~greenish nail polish, which isn't really a nail polish in fact, but a bottle of pearls. I bought this from Claire's. All you have to do is sprinkle the pearls over a base of nail polish and the pose is done ! The key not to ruin it is not to touch your fingers for about 20 minutes. No need to put a topcoa


--> I'm going to begin with this pose : It is called ''marble''. To create it you need 2 to 4 colors (your personnal choice). For this one I used two China Glaze colours (Grey ''recycle'' and Red) and one salmon color from Mavala ''fresh melon''. It took me 15~20 minutes to do it and I followed a tutorial : # 20 HOW TO | Water Marble Nail Art Tutor

New part in my blog // Nouvelle partie dans mon blog

I had the idea of doing a blog about nails only, but I decided to make a nails and ''fashion'' blog. Everyday i'll put on a picture of what I am wearing. Hope you'll like it ! xx J'ai eu l'idée de faire un blog juste sur les ongles et les vernis, puis après j'ai decider de faire un blog sur les vernis et la ''mode''. Chaque jour je mettrais une p