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Anthony D

Anthony D

Juste un petit groupe de blogs décrivant des petites parties de vie. Rien de bien transcendant. FR et ENG.


My story over the Insanity Workout.

My story over the Insanity Workout.

Day by day analysis on this epic journey.
Anthony D Anthony D
Articles : 61
Since : 04/04/2016

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51 - Day 55 : Max Interval sports training - This workout is the best !!!

Man, I know I said insane abs was the best workout, but the Max interval sports training is also really, really good ! You go through a mini training of all different sports, feeling like you are training as those high quality athletes would, while being flooded with shaun T's goodness and positivity. Plenty of breaks, fun exercises, and a pinnacle

58 - Day 62 : Max cardio conditionning and Insane abs - Why is it so hard ???

The answer straight away : Because its the last one. My results are technically done already, nothing is gonna change today on my figure between before and after training. I felt kind of demotivated to start both videos, but still ended up doing it. I felt it was worthless, because the end result was already here. But I need to finish this. So I di

54 - Day 58 : Max cardio and insane abs - GIVE EVERYTHING NOW !!!!

Todays workout has been pushed to the max, even thought I felt a little bit weak, probably because of the fact I didnt eat as much as I did usually, but this was the deal for the week. I did have a shake yesterday night for my meal 5, so well done me. Both workouts went good, and my weight dropped to 72 kg again, like magic. Sometimes I feel like i

57 - Day 61 : Max plyometrics - Last push ups !!!!

Like Shaun T says at the end of this video : "Im sure that today, you did better than last week". Even though plyo happens more than once a week, yes, I can say I did even better this time. Was it because I knew it was the last time ? Was it because I am in better shape ? Who knows. But I surely did better. I didnt take as much 3sec breaks as I wou

55 - Day 59 : Max interval circuit - I kicked this workout's butt !!!!

The very first time i took this workout, which was after my 3rd fit test, I died. Today, I kicked this workout's butt. I held it like a boss, took only something like 3 breaks, and held the plank position towards the end of the video. I can say I am satisfied with this very last circuit workout. It felt weird, though. Like something ended, and its

52 - Day 56 : Day off - Second last week retrospective !

I really, REALLY feel this week has been under the sign of eating shit food all week long, and not working out at all. I somehow get used to month 2 trainings, and it only lasts 1hour a day, and whereas I know I am working out during... The workout, When I am not working out, which means 23 hours out of 24, I feel like im just eating eating eating.

59 - Final Day : Fit test - The ultimate test.

Writing those lines before fit test : This is my strrategy : be a little bit less strict with form and amplitude, empathise on speed, specially on slow movements like globe jumps of power jacks, and give everything on suicide drills, which is my biggest weakness. Do not get too tired with switch kicks. Also I choose this time to have a look at last

53 - day 57 : Max interval plyo - LETS GIVE EVERYTHING, NOW !!!!

Yes. I Gave a lot today. And I got the idea to further motivate myself : Why not film my last 4 workouts ? The last 4 workouts are all different from each other, and resume the 5 workout videos in a row. I was thinking, why not film myself ? This would motivate me to push myself more ? I'll see what I'll do. This workout was successfull. Of course,

56 - Day 60 : Max interval sports training - Lets become an athlete today !

Nice push today. I think I took 1 break total, and dug deep as well :) It was really nice, and it felt good also. I start really to see one thing : this mini layer of fat everybody has, you know, just below the belly button ? This little 1cm of extra waist circumference ? It is starting to disappear. The skin actually "bents" in this area when I si