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This is Alice! Blogger, Techwritter, Currently working as a blockchain devleoper at bitdeal


Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

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P2P Crypto Exchanges hits $95 million in the week!

P2P Crypto Exchanges hits $95 million in the week!

Peer to Peer Cryptocurrency Exchanges are popular among traders in recent days and in the COVID-19 lockdown period, Crypto Exchanges flash as the headline news for their record-breaking trade volume. The amazing thing is that trade volume keep on increasing day by day. Popular P2P bitcoin Exchanges Localbitcoins and Paxful attained the all time hig

Why Traders Prefer To Trade In Binance ?

Binance! If write the list of Cryptocurrency Exchanges, spontaneously we write binance in the first place! Isn’t it? That is Binance. Binance is the powerful Cryptocurrency Exchange commenced in the year 2017, with more than 100+ cryptocurrencies. This Exchange keeps on implementing success-driven strategies and bold acquisitions to position them

Wazirx is in Cloudnine with 160% growth

Wazirx is the popular Indian Cryptocurrency Exchange with market capitalization of over 30 Million USD and WRX is listed among the top 200 tokens in the Crypto Economy. This COVID-19 Pandemic enhances the over all Crypto Market and wazirx has attained phenomenal growth in these four months. One reason for this massive growth is the circumstance and

Brands Built Blockchain Powered Smartphones with Crypto Wallet

Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain, Bitcoin, these terms are being highly surfed in the internet. As technology evolves, humankind innovate proficient ways to use it more efficiently. Just like that Smartphones started to adopt Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrency Wallet in it. Over 40% of the Global population uses smartphones, incorporation of this

Cryptocurrency Forcast - August

We can’t precisely tell the price of cryptocurrencies, it is capricious! But we can predict the price by analyzing many factors. People are more and more engaging with virtual currencies. Let’s have a look at the Cryptocurrency Exchange Forecast of this beautiful month - August. It’s the pandemic situation, the global economy suffers and stri

Countries with huge interest in Cryptocurrencies announced that there are 52 million crypto wallet account all over the world and in the month of july, there is the significant raise in wallet transactions in countries like Peru India Indonesia They also added that, Countries like Japan, south korea, Denmark, UAE, Brazil, Vietnam have decreased in the usage of Crypto Wallet transat

Checklist for traders for Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Cryptocurrency Exchanges have undergone tremendous growth in this pandemic period. Many youngsters crowded in the Exchanges to get Cryptocurrencies but they are things needed to check out in the crypto exchanges before proceed with trading, let’s have a look! Security Security is the very fundamental thing for any Cryptocurrency Exchanges, don’

Salient features of Localbitcoins Clone Script

Localbitcoins is the popular finland based Peer to Peer Bitcoin Exchange Platform, stands as the proficient bitcoin exchange in the market by incorporating innovative features and methodologies. Any business freak can easily start an exchange just like Localbitcoins with Localbitcoins Clone Script where one can buy or sell bitocoins securely on the

Cryptocurrency Options Vs Futures Trading : Difference Explained

Cryptocurrency Exchanges never delayed to update itself. The very soon latest turns out to be old in this industry. Once, people hesitated to sign up in the crypto exchanges and thought of the Crypto market as the risk but, now in 2020, the world has turned 180 degrees in their view for the Crypto market and have recognized it. Crypto market headli