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Maria Marilyn

Maria Marilyn

freelance writer, blogger, SEO/SMM consultant
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Maria Marilyn Maria Marilyn
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Car Title Loans: How to Borrow Effectively

It is indeed unfortunate that despite several efforts when it comes to managing your financial affairs, you still find yourself short on cash to pay for emergency situations and unexpected expenses. And the problem is even more compounded that you have limited sources of funds as either you used them up already or is quite embarrassed to ask for he

5 Major Mistakes When Taking Out Cash Advances

One of the reasons why some people were not successful with cash advances and eventually caused them to fall in debt traps is that they committed any of the five major mistakes when it comes to taking out a loan from cash advance loan companies or any other instant loan providers. So, for you out there who have plans of taking out this kind of loan

Why Seek Assistance from Debt Help Programs

While most people struggle with self help when it comes to dealing with debt problems, there is an alternative to the frustration, helplessness, and ineffective methods associated with trying to deal with debt on your own. Instead of struggling, there are debt help programs offered by expert professional agencies that will help solve debt problems.

5 Factors That You Should Look Into When Looking for Furnished Apartments

There are numerous furnished apartments anywhere you go and looking for one can be mind boggling if you do not know what you are looking into. It is really difficult when your factors are limited only in terms of color, style, and physical appearance. You overlook other important factors. When you do, it will be a disaster later as soon you find ou

Why Company Staff House is a Bad Idea for Business

It is a natural instinct for companies to build staff houses for their employees so that it has inexpensive accommodation for their people who are based in other locations or offices when they ask for them to report to their head offices. At first glance, it is indeed cheaper to lump them in one building and cramp in one room. However, there are so
Top 5 Most Viewed Soccer Training Videos on YouTube

Top 5 Most Viewed Soccer Training Videos on YouTube

So you want to improve your soccer skills? Well, practice definitely makes perfect and the easiest way to practice is to go online and find the best tutorial videos on football training on or . Meanwhile, here are some of my recommended 5 most viewed soccer training videos on YouTube. Soccer Drills – Top 5 Soccer Training Dri

Top Things You Should Look into When Searching for the Best Title Loan Company

Banks for sure is not the best place to go when you want to apply for loans and have it approved very quickly. It is not the character of banks to be reckless and have the loan applications approved in a matter of hours or even minutes. They have stockholders and shares of stocks to protect. With title loan companies, you are in the right place if
Why ‘Rolling Over’ Your Credit and Payday Loans Can Put You Further in Debt

Why ‘Rolling Over’ Your Credit and Payday Loans Can Put You Further in Debt

The U.S. has a notorious culture of debt where most people would take out loans and buy things on credit, despite not having the financial ability to pay for these things in a timely manner. When borrowers are unable to make repayments, they sometimes depend upon another creditor which will absorb their existing debt and incur interest on top of th

A Little Merino Wool History (Reblogged)

With our Merino Wool Blankets due to arrive shortly, we were curious as to how this fibre came to be, it's origins, development and eventual arrival to Australia, if you are also a little curious, then please keep reading... Merino Wool - Origins Men began growing sheep and goats over 12,000 years ago, right about the time when they understood that

5 Tips on How to Get out of Debt

Being stuck in debt can be very stressful especially if you are also experiencing a difficult time making ends meet. There are numerous reasons or circumstances which can may cause someone to end up in debt such as a consequence related to overspending or from unforeseen events like emergency expenditure or perhaps unemployment. Fortunately, there