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Morphsuit addict


Welcome on my blog ! I'm a Morphsuit addict and through this blog I'll talk to you about my passion for Morphsuits.
Morphsuit addict Morphsuit addict
Articles : 7
Since : 22/07/2013

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Wear a Morphsuit during a wedding party : possible or not ?

Previously, we saw that the morphsuit is the ideal disguise costume for some birthdays or even for a bachelor party. But today, the question that I am asking you is : can we wear a morphsuit during a wedding party ? Well, first I would say no but when I think further, there is maybe one way to wear a morphsuit during a wedding party. Indeed, if you

Focus : the Black Tuxedo Morphsuit

You often wonder how to be stylish and simple at the same time ? Well, don't worry you are not the only one. Either it is for a party or a special event, it is always the same thing : we spend almost one hour in front of our wardrobe (sometimes even more). But this time is over thanks to the Black Tuxedo Morphsuit. Indeed, this incredible full body

Organize a successful party thanks to the Morphsuit

Why are the full body costumes the stars of the disguise parties ? The answer to this question is simple. Full body costumes are very trendy and funny, that is why everybody (yeah, even you!) wants a Morphsuit. Imagine that you are at a party where everybody is wearing a full body costume. Wouldn't it be amusing ? Black, silver or with the American

Pick up an incredible Morphsuit for Halloween's Eve !

Everyone knows that Halloween's Day is on the 31. of October. In other words it is in little more than a month. So the question is: have you already think about a disguise costume ? No ? Don't worry, neither do I. But it is important to start seeking for a costume right now. Halloween is an event which the children like very much because they can e

Morphsuit : more than just an outfit

The bachelor party & the morphsuit If your best friend is soon getting married, then you have to fulfill several important responsibilities. One of them is the bachelor party. To organize a bachelor party, you need to choose a very funny activity. For instance, you can go in a SPA hotel, or rent a jet ski if you are close to the sea. But do not org

How to pick up the best disguise costume ?

I've received many e-mails from readers who asked me to put a list of disguise costumes for Halloween's Eve or for other kinds of events. Well, for your biggest pleasure, that is what I'm going to do today ! First, you should take a look at this very interesting article about costumes. Thanks to it you'll learn a lot about their history. But let's

What is a Morphsuit ?

If you do not know what is a Morphsuit yet, do not worry ! There are still many people (maybe you ?) who does not know what it looks like. A Morphsuit is a full body costume which you can wear whenever and wherever you want. This is very trendy and thanks to its different colors and patterns, you will look incredible ! If you are classical, then th