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Tom Pride

Tom Pride

Pride's Purge - An irreverent look at UK politics


Pride's Purge

Pride's Purge

~ an irreverent look at UK politics by Tom Pride
Tom Pride Tom Pride
Articles : 1021
Since : 04/09/2013
Category : Politics

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New Tory DWP minister, Mike Penning, once claimed MP's expenses for a dog bowl

(not satire - it's the Tories!) Tory MP Mike Penning has been made a minister in the Department of Work and Pensions. As the new right-hand man of Iain Duncan Smith, he will no doubt be appearing regularly on our TV screens and in the press telling us how terrible it is that the unemployed expect the taxpayer to pay for everything. If he does, just

Daily Mail Exclusive: voting Labour could give you cancer

(satire?) Latest research shows that supporting Ed Miliband's party causes acid reflux - increasing risk of the disease Voting for a Labour candidate can force stomach acid into the oesophagus where it makes you die a slow, horrible death The damaged cells as a result of voting Labour are more likely to become cancerous and result in your extremiti
Tory members relieved at happy ending after pocket shuffle

Tory members relieved at happy ending after pocket shuffle

Those that avoided a sticky ending of course. The Lib Dems meanwhile are struggling to keep their partner satisified and are obviously suffering from a bad case of electile dysfunction. Probably happy they only have to manage one election every 5 years. Electile Dysfunction (ED) - the inability to have an election characterized by a rational fear o
Lib Dems poll fewer votes than the Pirate Party in by-election (not satire!)

Lib Dems poll fewer votes than the Pirate Party in by-election (not satire!)

(not satire - it's the Lib Dems!) There was a by-election on Manchester City council yesterday for the Ancoats and Clayton Ward In which the Liberal Democrats polled fewer votes than the BNP. And the Pirate Party. In fact, the Lib Dems came seventh. Out of seven candidates. Rumours abound that the Lib Dem candidate John Bridges' poor showing could

McDonald's has employee arrested for telling boss she can't afford shoes

(not satire - it's McDonald's!) In the US, an employee of McDonald's who has worked at the company for 10 years stood up at a meeting with the company president Jeff Stratton to tell him she was paid so poorly she couldn't afford to buy shoes for her family. McDonald's reaction? They had her arrested and cut her working hours in retaliation. Here's

Bastard badgers: Sun investigators reveal up to 100% born out of wedlock

(satire?) In a shocking testament to t he decline of family values in the UK today , Sun investigators have found that up to 100% of British badgers in the UK have been BORN OUTSIDE MARRIAGE, and as many as all of them have never been in employment, education or training. And according to our exclusive research, across most areas of Britain a stagg

Rebel Tory MP Adam Afriyie denies accusations he may be black

(satire?) An undeclared challenge to the leadership of David Cameron by rebel Tory MP Adam Afriyie is under serious threat of being derailed after opponents in the party revealed he may in the past have been a member of an ethnic minority. The damaging claims come after a sizeable group of Conservative MPs wrote to the former frontbencher asking hi