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Soft System Solution

Soft System Solution

Soft System Solution a New York based technology corporation, provides solutions to a multitude of businesses in the areas of Software Development, Static and E-Commerce website design, Web Application development, Quality assurance and Search Engine Optimization.


Soft System Solution Services

Soft System Solution Services

We provide top quality services, for any type of businesses or clients, including; web application design and development, mobile app design and development, and digital marketing.
Soft System Solution Soft System Solution
Articles : 21
Since : 29/03/2014
Category : Companies & Brands

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Reputation Management & iPhone Application Development Services

Online reputation management is an organic process that requires plenty of time in order to build the reputation of an organization among its stakeholders. It’s a process that includes positive brand awareness by tracking and using different opinions of individuals.

Importance To Quality Links in SEO

It is always beneficial to create links with reputed and recognized websites. Avoid giving value to irrelevant sites. This will results in a good SERP and also avoid your site from being panalysed by google penguin algorithm.

Why you need an online reputation management for your business?

Online reputation management is very important for a business. It helps in establishing your company and promotes a positive image of your company by delivering the most relevant and useful information about you and your company on the first page of the search engines. Almost all the business transactions or major purchase starts online or involve

Is your website working properly?

For your audience to revisit your website every element of your website has to work quickly and correctly. Your visitors will be left frustrated if something is broken or poorly constructed. Your web designers should know the ways of making your website functional on all the major browsers and devices. They should also utilize meta tags, alt tags,

Role Of Google Alerts In Online Reputation Management

Online reputation management (ORM) has become a necessity is the last few years. Reason behind this necessity is internet, which has become an indispensable part of our lives. Whenever we want to see something, search, or buy something, we go to internet.