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Jennifer D Smith

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Jennifer D Smith blog

Jennifer D Smith blog

He that would live in peace and rest must hear and see, and say the best.
Jennifer D Smith Jennifer D Smith
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Since : 09/04/2014
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MSI to showcase new Wind Top All-in-One PC and Wind Box mini PC at CES

Taipei (Dec. 22, 2009) –MSI will be showcasing several new modelswith energy-saving PC design at the CES 2010 exhibition. The new models, which feature the Pine Trail technology platform with thelatest Intel Atom processor, include the Wind Top AP1920 All-in-One PC and the Wind Box DE220 and Wind Box DC500 Mini PCs. These productsclaimlow energy

MSI spills the beans on the GT70 and GT60 gaming laptops

Weve already shown you MSIs unique Super RAID which is present in the new GT70 gaming notebook, but the company has now revealed the remaining specs of both the GT70 and GT60. MSI is as you mightve guessed already, kitting out both models with an Ivy Bridge CPU and a GeForce GTX 670M GPU, as well as some other useful and interesting features. The m

MSI to release new Hydra driver for mixed Multi-GPU

MSI has been working on a driver to enable something called "X-mode" on their Big Bang Fuzion mainboard sporting the Lucid Hydra. This will allow support for 3-Way multi-GPU setups using mixed graphics accelerators. Here are some shots of the testing so far: The results you see were obtained from early drivers, with a graphics accelerator cocktail

MSI teams up with LucidLogix for some Z68 Virtu love

MSI has announced that its going to supply LucidLogix Virtu software with its Z68 motherboards which will enable automatic on-demand switching between the Intel IGP and a discrete graphics card. For now, LucidLogixs Virtu software is the only way to go if you want to do graphics switching on a desktop system, but were hearing that this isnt going t

MSI to ship GT780R and GX780 Gaming Laptops

The MSI GT780R and GX780 are heavyweights in the laptop arena literally (each weighs about 3.9KG). Aside from the weight issue, rest assured that the rest of the components will satisfy you. Both models are packed with the latest 32nm Intel Core i7 2630QM processors, 17 inch Full HD screen, Dynaudio Speakers with THX surround sound, SteelSeries key

MSI Slider S20 Windows 8 Sliding Ultrabook Pictured

MSI put to rest the looming question of whether it has Ultrabooks planned, by unveiling one of the industrys first implementations of Intels "Letexo" sliding-Ultrabook form-factor, which was first shown to the world at IDF Beijing, 2012. MSIs Slider S20 is a Wintel at heart, combining 22 nm "Ivy Bridge" processor with Windows 8. Pictured above, the

MSI U115 Hybrid Storage Notebook

MSIrecently announced their latestU115 Hybrid notebook PC which claims to be the first in the world to operate both SSD (solid-state drive) and HDD(hard disk drive)simultaneously, and combine all the features of SSD and HDD for your enjoyment. IncorporatingMSI proprietary Hybrid Storage Technology, the battery life of U115 Hybridis extremely longin

MSI to bundle Dirt 3 for AMD 6000 series

By purchasing any on the MSI Radeon HD 6850, 6770 and 6670 shown above, you will be given an activation code which allows the full download of the game. One point to note is that this bundle is only available on boxes/packaging that have the special Dirt 3 sticker. Full Press Release: MSI

MSI thin and light X340 and X600 X-Slim Series laptops receive WiMAX Forum Certification

The ultra-light, power-saving X-Slim Series X340 and X600 models are the first Taiwan-based brand to receive WiMAX Forum Certification. On October 26, MSI will participate in Broadband Taiwan. At the international WiMAX product & application area, portability & the latest generation of mobile communications technology will unite to display MSI's "i

MSI To Offer SuSE Moblin U135 Netbooks

It is always not surprise when it comes to netbook announcements as thespecifications are usually more or less the same but this red netbookcaught my attention somehow. Introducing MSI U135 Netbook with a touch of Moblin flavor, that's right. This netbook will now be coming with Linux as well. Inside, it is powered by Intel's Atom N450, 1GB RAM, 25